Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My Review of DaVinci's Demons 2x07: "The Vault Of Heaven"

Written by Brian Nelson And Marco Ramirez
Directed by Peter Hoar

Ima (to DaVinci): “I am sorry my dreamer, our visions were very clear. You are to lead me to this point and die in return and lead my people into salvation, no matter the cost.”

Hmm, I can’t help but this is rather an extreme version of sour grapes, Ima. I knew her and DaVinci were doomed thanks to that opening scene in the premiere episode a few weeks back but did she really have to threaten to kill DaVinci and his gang just because he entered the Vault of Heaven without her?

DaVinci might not have had any intention of waiting for her but Ima herself chose not to follow through with the various trials, so she can’t entirely blame her dreamer for not taking her to the Vault of Heaven either.

Speaking of the trials – they were inventive, puzzling and the right side of perilous but served more to open up an interesting dialogue with DaVinci, Riario, Nico and Zoroaster than anything else. While there’s a part of me that thinks Zoroaster was absolutely right not to trust Riario at all, there was also another part of me that found him annoying throughout the episode. I hate to say it but aside from Alfonso, I think Zoroaster has become the weakest character this season or at the very most, the least developed one too.

There’s only so much of his laddish humour and complaining I can take with Zoroaster and the show has gotten to a point of exhausting it now. At least Nico tried to keep a level head and managed to persuade Riario to spare Zoroaster. In a crisis, I think you would want Nico at your side more than Zoroaster. That’s what I learned from this episode.

As for DaVinci and Riario – they actually managed to be more civil with each other. Sure, both of them were a little competitive over seeing the Book of Leaves but at the same time, they also worked pretty well together too. It’s just a shame that Ima and her tribe took it upon themselves to shorten their partnership by the episode’s end.

As for DaVinci’s mother – I guess it makes sense that she was in the Vault Of Heaven, even if we didn’t see her. I assume we will do by next week though and hopefully this whole Book of Leaves plot will be resolved too. I’m still interested in it as a whole but it’s a loose end that needs tying up though.

Speaking of loose ends – I liked Carlo’s method of dealing with hostile bankers and protecting Clarice. He’s slowly becoming my new favourite character this season and while his affair with Clarice is pretty predictable plotting, I do think they work together rather well. Carlo certainly seems to have given Clarice a steely determination that Lorenzo certainly wasn’t.

Last but not least – Lucrezia and the Sultan’s son. It did seem like things were going a little too smoothly at first in Istanbul so having the former being kept captive while the latter decided to go to Rome was probably a good idea. However knowing Lucrezia, I’m pretty sure she’ll manage to get herself out of the sticky situation fairly soon. After all, she does have three weapons at her disposal as the Sultan’s son seemed a little too eager to point out.

Also in “The Vault Of Heaven”

Sixtus seems to have cottoned on to the fact that Lupo’s faith in him is dwindling. I wonder will he pick up on the fact that Lupo’s also removed something important from the Secret Archives too.

DaVinci (to Zoroaster): “We need to go home. We need to get what we came for.”

Clarice seemed a little kinder but still patronising to Vanessa in this episode. I did like that Vanessa stood up for herself though.

Ima: “How many years do you think we’ve been at this problem?”
Zoroaster: “Maybe you just need a bigger spear?”

Vanessa (to Clarice): “The man I chose to bed will not define me. One receives as much respect as one demands.”

Lucrezia went by Amelia’s name when she met up with the Sultan and dressed for the occasion too.

Carlo (to banker): “As you reminded me, I am a bastard.”

Clarice (to Carlo): “What I’m doing is what I damn well please.”

This episode didn’t feature anything in relation to Naples at all. I think only DaVinci and Zoroaster have appeared in every episode so far this season.

Bayezid (to Lucrezia): “Charm, beauty, intelligence. I cannot trust a woman with so many weapons at her disposal.”

Chronology: Not long since “The Rope Of The Dead”.

Not quite as strong as previous episodes have been but certainly, “The Vault Of Heaven” had it’s moments and overall, it was enjoyable to watch. However I do think it is probably time to wrap up the Book of Leaves plot now.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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