Friday, May 02, 2014

You Don't Own Us

And a look at some of the show I've recently caught up with.

Arrow: The last couple of episodes have been great but I'll admit that the Roy plot is dragging a bit and I do think it's a bit convenient that Oliver might have a secret child out there but between setting up stuff for the upcoming Flash spin-off and Slade showing his hand by killing Moira, it's hard to deny that the second season has continued to push the show into interesting directions. I just hope that within the last three episodes Oliver is able to take out his former friend before there are more casualties.

Game Of Thrones: And the last two episodes of this show have seen the ratings shoot up and draw controversy. That scene with Jaime and Cersei in the sept was one the show could've done without but on the plus side, at least we know who to thank for Joffrey's death, Dany's got Meereen's loyalty, the White Walkers were shown to be doing something unique with the babies they take and the road trips with Brienne and Pod could be fun as well, even if they don't find Sansa anytime soon. Plus more sexiness with Oberyn and Tyrion at least having one family member on his side while Margaery gets in with Tommen and this season continues to be as impressive as it's previous ones.

Glee: First of all, I would personally pay Ryan Murphy if I never have to hear a song by One Direction ever again on the show. Secondly, having Santana/Mercedes belt out Lauryn Hill's Doo Woo That Thing was actually pretty inspired as the recent episodes have been a little better, even if they most contained Rachel achieving Broadway success and nearly losing it as well by getting ahead of herself. The TV deal thing is a bit trite and could've been left for next season but props to the show for getting Shirley MacLaine for a multi episode arc though.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: Ward is a traitor, Ward is a traitor. I'm gonna let that settle in for a bit. While you could argue that Boyd being a baddie in Dollhouse might have been more shocking, the not exactly dazzling with a personality Ward being revealed as a baddie of sorts at the end of Turn, Turn, Turn (poor Victoria Hand) was the first genuinely shocking moment the show has produced so far and it was well overdue. Nice to see the show turning itself around and getting to be that little bit more interesting.

Once Upon A Time: Much as I am loving Zelena, her whole plot about changing her past just looks obviously doomed to fail but on the plus sideat least her antics have cooled Hook and Emma for a tiny bit. I also like the fact that the writers took something more of a gutsy gamble about the actual cause of the second curse and the introduction of Glinda (who has to be in Narnia by the looks of it) and everyone's memories being restored was certainly needed as well. I'm still not entirely sold on Regina and Robin though as a pairing but their scenes are getting a little better though.

Orphan Black: One of the most hyped about shows in the last year made it's BBCAmerica and BBC3 return and sticking to watching it on the latter, I have to admit that the opening episode was brilliant. I'm not sure who are worse between the DYAD and the religious fanatics that have Kira but Sarah/Allison/Cosima need to band together and annihilate both factions and pretty much within this season as well. As for the other Clones - I was surprised to see that Helena actually survived and Rachel's coldness might not make her sympathetic but it's certainly intriguing to see her act as though she's above the other Clones. A great start to what looks like will be another terrific series. Also the less said about Felix in assless chaps, perhaps the better, yeah?

- Teen Wolf's fourth season will air on MTV from June 23rd at 10pm with a new villain named the Benefactor also revealed.
- Scandal has been dropped by More4 but UK viewers can still see it as SkyLiving have picked up the series.
- Bryan Fuller is confident that Hannibal will be picked up for a third season, while the second season airs on SkyLiving from May 6th.
- The Simpsons are planning a Yellow Wedding episode.
- Michael McKean is joining Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul as a powerful attorney.
- Yvonne Strahovski will appear in an episode of Louie.
- Despite recently being cast in the Star Wars movies, Adam Driver will still be a part of the fourth season of Girls.
- Another version of The Saint is in works despite last year's attempt not getting picked up by ABC.
- Almost Human has been cancelled by FOX, though Watch will air it for UK viewers from May 6th.
- Bates Motel has been picked up for a third season.


Anonymous said...

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." has improved dramatically. I'm presumily (Angel reference, Mom and I always say "presumily") still farther ahead than you are, so I don't want to give away spoilers.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Yeah, it's getting better I will admit that.