Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x22: "Execution"

Written by Sunil Nayar And Joe Fazzio
Directed by Kenneth Fink

Victoria: “You won’t get away with this.”
Emily: “Watch me.”

After something of a largely disappointing and somewhat rudderless second half to this season, it’s pretty fantastic to see that this finale managed to deliver several shocking moments, even if one of them really did fall into the ‘jumping the shark’ category.

I knew from the moment this episode went to town with Emily and Aiden declaring their undying love for each other that the latter would end up being toast. That and the fact that Barry Sloane is also moving to a show called The Whispers as well might have been another indicator but either way, we ended up losing Aiden in this episode and all because of Victoria’s misguided belief that Emily was responsible for super bore Pascal’s death.

The way in which Victoria killed Aiden though was malicious- even by her standards. Using a paralysis in his tea (more British stereotyping there) and then suffocating him with a pillow just proved how evil Victoria really is as a character. I mean she’s always been evil but making sure that Emily found Aiden’s corpse the way she did just proved how vicious things have gotten between Victoria and Emily though.

However, at least this episode finally confirmed that Victoria actually realised that Emily was Amanda and their graveyard spat was nicely brief before the former got whacked with a shovel. I actually thought for a moment that Emily was going to bury Victoria alive and I was somewhat cheering on the notion. However what Emily cooked up instead was a lot more gratifying to watch though.

The idea of Victoria being confirmed to a mental institution called Claremont by the same doctor who damned Amanda all those years ago was delightful karmic and with no-one believing her about Emily being Amanda, I have to admit this was the most satisfying act of revenge that Emily managed to achieve in three seasons. In some ways had this episode been tweaked, this would’ve been a perfect series finale but it’s clear that Sunil Nayar is not done with Emily and her antics just yet though and that’s something I have mixed feelings about.

As for David Clarke being alive – I was really hoping the show was going to avoid that cliché but sadly they succumbed to and you just know it was done to extend the storyline just that bit further, don’t you? On the plus side, at least his appearance shocked the living daylights out of Conrad before the latter found himself stabbed and left for dead. While I definitely believe that Aiden is dead, I’m not so sure that Conrad necessarily is for now.

David’s return came at the time where his whole reputation was publicly vindicated and I guess he probably stabbed Conrad due to his belief about Amanda being dead but at the same time, I still wish the show hadn’t done this. It feels like it’s betraying the original premise of the show and it could end up being more of a hindrance next season than the start of an interesting for the series.

As for the rest of the episode – Nolan teaming up with Margaux’s brother clearly turned out not be a great move. I’m all for Daniel being taken down a peg or two but having some innocent girl along with it though wasn’t wise. Nolan might have been better off teaming up with Javier to reclaim his MyClone thing that Gideon.

Last but not least – Charlotte’s still an idiot. I know under the circumstance she’s still in the dark about certain things but having Jack arrested wasn’t her wisest move either. Then again this season as a whole hasn’t exactly been great for Charlotte so maybe it’s thematic that yet again she does something stupid in the finale.

Also in “Execution”

Creepy cabin guy was working for Victoria and those letters were just another ploy to smoke out Emily’s true identity.

Emily: “I wish my father was here to see this.”
Aiden: “Yeah mine too. They’d be proud of us. We’ve been to hell and back for them.”

The same cabin in this episode was also revealed to be Emily’s grandfather, so I’m gonna assume that’s where David will hide out for the time being.

Aiden: “I think you know why I’m here.”
Michelle: “You want Victoria?”

Victoria (re Emily): “You really did pick the wrong girl to fall in love with.”
Aiden: “Go to hell.”

This might be stating the obvious but I think Gideon deliberately killed that girl and has more than blackmail in mind to get Daniel out of the way. I almost want to root for him.

Jack (to Emily): “You honoured your father today. You honoured Declan and Amanda too. They’d be proud of you.”

Nolan: “Aiden was my friend and I loved him. Victoria deserves to die.”
Jack: “I know but Emily was this close to getting her life back and doing something like this could rip it all away again.”

Victoria made some implication about David not being a good guy during her graveyard spat with Emily. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a baddie.

Emily: “Let them come. You’re the murderer here.”
Victoria (re Aiden): “You received my gift. After what you’ve done to the ones I love you deserve far worse.”

Conrad: “No, it can’t be! David?”

Standout music: Frank Sinatra’s “Softly As I Leave You” – which Conrad was singing whilst dressed as a priest after a prison guard helped him escape.

Victoria (to the doctors): “She’s Amanda Clarke! She’s Amanda Clarke!”

Chronology: From where “Impetus” more or less left off.

This has been something of a dodgy season and while Nayar and company really are at a point where they need to set an end date for this series, I will admit that “Execution” was also pretty great as a finale too, especially for the final scene alone. I will be back next season as a viewer but I also believe that next season probably should be the final one now.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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