Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Continuous Trial

It's been a few weeks but here's a look at some of the shows I've been catching up on.

Broadchurch: I'll admit that the second series has been a bit of bumpy road. On one hand, I'm not sure if it was so wise to try and overextend the aftermath of Danny's death by having Joe Miller do a turnaround and there's only so much of Mark and Beth I can tolerate as characters (i.e increasingly not much) but at the same time, both Alec and Ellie continue to be a fantastic team to watch and the Sandbrook storyline (particularly with the increasingly erratic Claire) has been interesting to watch. After the remaining two episodes air, I'm not sure if the show should come back for a third run and if it does, then it needs to be devoid of Latimer storylines.

Girls: A decent start to the season. The opening episode was fun and while I knew Hannah's time in Iowa wouldn't last the entire season, a part of me was actually surprised that Lena Dunham managed to get at least four episodes out of it before having her character rub her fellow students up the wrong way and eventually quit. Aside from that though, I don't really care that Adam has a new girlfriend or that Marnie is in a crappy relationship with Desi (who is even duller than Ray now) but I've liked both Shoshanna and Jessa in the last few episodes and Ray managed to be slightly interesting for all of one episode, which was unexpected.

Glee: Okay, there's a certain two parter with it's homages to Saw and commentary on Klaine shippers that would happily like to erase from my memory banks and then there was an episode focusing on Brittana that proves when the show actually bothers to make the effort, it can be great viewing. With so little episodes left, the last thing fans want or need are smart arse, unfunny super meta textual episodes. Other than that, it's nice that the show is keen to have Rachel find love again but I'm not sure if they're going about it the right way with her and Sam though.

Looking: It's almost not fair and sort of awesome that SkyAtlantic decided to bring this show back and air it on Thursdays (especially after catching up with Cucumber/Banana/Tofu) and while this isn't a show where a great lot actually happens on a weekly basis, it does feel like there's been a noticeable improvement of sorts with the writing. Agustin is slightly more likeable as a character, Dom and Doris are still their great selves and Patrick (when he's not panicking over bug bites) is actually pretty enjoyable with Kevin. Plus Richie is there too and some of the new characters are working well. Overall, definitely a good step up from the first year.

Scandal: I'll say it - the scenes with Fitz/Jake where the former was convinced the latter murdered his son and somehow both fellas love for Olivia was brought into the mix was some of the most tedious scenes from a series of great episodes. Maybe it's because I don't greatly care for this triangle but those scenes left a bad taste in my mouth for me. Fortunately there has been some great stuff - like Quinn calling out her friends for not noticing her going missing, Olivia and Abby calling a truce to their ongoing feud, Mellie finally deciding to wash herself and the Cyrus/Michael storyline, even if that one is particularly doomed.

- Mehcad Brooks has been cast as Jimmy Olsen for CBS's upcoming Supergirl series starring Melissa Benoist in the title role.
- Milo Ventimiglia will appear as the Ogre/Jason Lennon in the 19th episode of Gotham. He will be an original villain for the series.
- Penny Dreadful will now air on May 3rd and May 5th for US and UK viewers respectively.
- Carrie Anne Moss has join Netflix's AKA Jessica Jones.
- David Morrissey has joined the cast of Extant for it's second season.
- UK viewers will be able to see Outlander courtesy of Amazon Prime Instant Video in the near future.
- Megalyn Echikunwoke will co-star with Bradley James in the upcoming TV version of The Omen.
- Luke Mitchell will take on a role of an Inhuman in an upcoming arc for Agents Of SHIELD.
- Marcia Cross will be guest starring in an episode of Law And Order: SVU later in the month.
- Naya Rivera has bagged a recurring role on Devious Maids as Blanca, a woman whose life could change when she learns a terrible secret.

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