Saturday, February 14, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x12: She's A Murderer

Well, that was another shocker of an episode. Seriously, I did not see that last scene coming. Then again, I don't think even Annalise did and she orchestrated the whole thing.

Written by Erika Harrison
Directed by Bill D'Elia

I Bet You The Boyfriend Gets Falsely Accused: The idea of Nate being a suspect in Sam's murder isn't shocking. I would've been shocked if no-one (including Hannah) hadn't considered him a possible killer. However what was unexpected that in an effort to save her students and herself, that Annalise got Frank to plant incriminating evidence to make it look like Nate might be a killer. Even for Annalise, that wasn't just cold. It was practically Arctic. Hopefully though Nate isn't actually sent down for Sam's death and that Annalise has a clever way of saving her boyfriend, otherwise she's the worst girlfriend ever seen on television. Perhaps Nate really should've asked his girlfriend if she had blood on her hands after all. Oh and the last scene where Annalise called her mama was another unexpected little moment.

Worriers: Aw, it looks like Connor and Annalise have lots in common, according to the latter. Out of all the kids and short of a gagging order, Connor really seems like a loose cannon (with Michaela not far behind) and made no bones about voicing his mistrust over Annalise multiple times throughout the episode, which Annalise managed to overhear. I liked that she got Connor to open up to her face about his doubts surrounding her and I liked that she actually played on the whole 'worrying/sleeping around' traits they mutually share but with three episodes left, I think it's going to take more than another pep talk to stop Connor from actually cracking. If Hannah doesn't figure things out soon, then Connor might end up dooming them all. Or Michaela. Or Bonnie.

Don't Let Them Ruin You: Bonnie should get royally humiliated in court more often. Hannah embarrassing the crap out of her suddenly resulted in Bonnie piecing things together about the scales being off the trophy and the Keating 5 (who aren't Asher) constantly in a state of panic and hushed whispers. She deduced that they actually killed Sam and that Annalise was helping to cover for them and wasted no time in confronting her boss over her discovery. Now this is a side to Bonnie I want to see a lot more of. She's better with a backbone and not as the weeping wreck we saw at the start of the episode. A great episode for Bonnie and one where she even cleared the air with Asher too.

More To This Than She's Letting On: And the Rudy storyline continues a little in this episode as between worrying about future jail time, working the least amount on the case of the week, Wes was also spending some of his time trying to learn more about the previous occupant of his humble abode, which kind of irritated Laurel and also revealed that Rebecca had actually called the cops on Rudy the night he left the place. I'm not sure where the show is going to go with this storyline but I wasn't surprised that Rebecca knew more than she told Wes last week. With three episode left to go, will this plot be wrapped up in the finale too (along with Lila's killer revealed) or will it bleed into the next season?

Too Many Scorsese Movies: Unlike the previous episode, the case of the week wasn't particularly a riveting one. In fact, I found myself mostly tuning out of it and the only things that were actually memorable were Asher's terrible mafia accent, Frank taking the piss out of him, Annalise's clients believing that she killed her husband/wasn't broken up about it and that was basically it. Oh and the fact that mafia folk were being stitched up by the government but outside of that, it was merely filler to all the craziness happening. Out of the twelve episodes that aired so far, I actually think this is the weakest case we've had, aside from the one with Ana Ortiz earlier in the season. However aside from that and the lack of Oliver, this was still an incredible episode to watch. Only three to go now.

Next week, Annalise's mother shows up. I'm not kidding.

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ihRtmr said...

I liked Jack Falahee from the start. He's one only actor from the Keating 5 that I already knew and liked. The others were all new to me. In early episodes he certainly knew how to lay on the charm and get his sexy on, but in a couple eps, you see this kids acting chops. This episode, the Wack-a-mole episode and whichever ep where he ends up at Olivers after the murder. (Probably same ep) He really does angst and worry WELL. Very believable.