Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why Faking It Is A Watchable Teen Drama

I talked about this show before and while I saw bits and bobs of the first season, last night for UK viewers, the second season of MTV's Faking It started up and it was a fun reminder of why the show has a lot to offer.

Enemies Unite As Allies: In the opening episode for the second season they certain did. It seems that Lauren had an irritating boyfriend who was about to expose her secret, so Shane decided to help her out by kidnapping the guy, having him bound and gagged in Amy's garage and making it look like he was into BDSM. Not that it really worked anyways as Amy, Karma and Liam all learned that she was intersex anyways but it did seem like her and Shane reached an understanding of sorts in relation to their usual frenemy dynamic. I do think this show's depiction of Lauren's struggles are to be commended and it's nice that the awful boyfriend got his own just desserts as well.

But Friends Are Still Awesome: They are though, aren't they? I like the dynamic with straight Liam and gay best friend Shane and I also like that over the course of the show's first season (and despite the terrible premise initially used to promote the series), the show has actually shown that Amy is in love with her best friend, Karma and while the latter doesn't share the same feelings, I do like that Karma was keen to actually be there for her friend though. The whole Amy sleeping with Liam plot is one of those things the show could've avoided doing to be honest but hopefully it's something that's resolved early (especially as it seems Lauren is now aware of it) and the season itself actually sees Amy getting a girlfriend as well as more screen time for the irrepressible Shane as well for good measure. Oh and the more partial/actual nudity the writers want to do with Liam, the merrier too.

Faking It might not be the sort of show you find yourself desperately wanting to binge or setting the SkyPlanner for but for a teen show, it's actually fairly solid stuff and definitely better than MTV's usual outputs.

Season 2 of Faking It continues to air for UK viewers, Wednesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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