Tuesday, February 03, 2015

My Review of Gotham's 1x14: "The Fearsome Dr Crane"

Written by John Stephens
Directed by John Behring

Gerald (to Mullen): “You do understand this is really happening? I’m going to drown you right now.”

It’s the fourteenth episode and the show has gone and introduced the Scarecrow – well not exactly. It seems this particular villain is going to be a hereditary gig with Gerald Crane being the first one and the slightly dubious Jonathan (who we saw for a few seconds onscreen) will at some point pick up from where his sinister father has left off.

I’ve always liked the character of the Scarecrow and I actually don’t mind the idea of him being a mantle of sorts within this show. It also helped tremendously that the show decided to cast Julian Sands as Gerald because he’s so honestly good in the role that I could’ve watched him all day but fortunately there’s another episode of him to enjoy.

Gerald picked some very typical fears to exploit with his victims when he had them bound and gagged and at his mercy. The first guy was terrified of heights, an older gentleman was scared of pigs (even tiny cute ones too) while sponsor Mullen (the only one we really got to know due to Bullock’s interest in her) nearly drowned as well.

As clichéd as any of these fears are (maybe not the pig one), they all worked effectively as we also learned that Crane extracted the adrenal gland out of his first victim and the fact that he got away from Gordon should make for an interesting round two by the time we get to the next episode. I could honestly gush about how well they handled the Scarecrow but truly you need to see the episode yourself to believe me.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this episode was also the fact that Maroni became privy to Oswald’s treacherous ways thanks to Fish making a little phone call and clueing him in. It resulted in a trip to the middle of nowhere, a great game of secrets and Oswald nearly being crushed within a car. Needless to say, Oswald actually survived but at the same time, I bet he wasn’t expecting his eventual trip back to Gotham to entail a bus full of gospel singers, now did he?

Aside from this being another great episode for Oswald, I actually thought it was a better episode for Maroni as well. The character’s been fairly interesting but this episode kind of made him come alive a bit more and I’m kind of wondering now that Oswald has shown his true colours, if we’re going to get an alliance between him and Fish in the near future as well?

Speaking of Fish, she mostly spent the episode on a boat that then got taken over by mercenaries and led to a weird final scene. Like Oswald, I wouldn’t worry about whether or not she’ll survive but I kind of felt that like with the Bruce and Selina scenes this week, the episode could’ve done without seeing Fish, even if she did cause Maroni and Oswald to fall out big time.

Last but not least – I really do like Gordon and Leslie together. This might be the character’s third episode in but the chemistry with Gordon and Thompkins just seems so natural and relaxing that even with the latter suddenly getting a job at GCPD, I can’t help but not root for the pair of them. I just hope the two of them don’t peter out as quickly as Gordon had done with Barbara (again a no show this week) though.

Also in “The Fearsome Dr Crane”

Nygma resorting to using body parts to get rid of the medical examiner was pretty devious. Not that I actually feel bad for the guy though.

Fish: “It’s time get your house in order, Salvador.”

Every time Gordon attempts to catch Selina, she slips away. I actually don’t blame Bruce for wanting to release Gordon from his promise though.

Oswald: “Honestly, I’m not much use when things get physical. I’m sorry I couldn’t save him.”
Maroni: “I was just reminiscing. Don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Bullock (to Gordon): “The thought of what you would do if alone is truly terrifying.”

Bullock’s chat ups to Mullen were hilariously daft but I really loved the one where he asked her about being Irish.

Kringle: “You’re an odd man, Mr Nygma but I’m sorry you’ve been suspended. I wish something could be done.”

Maroni: “Tell me another secret. A good one this time.”
Oswald: “I took your gun.”
Maroni: “That is a good secret.”

Kringle seems to be softening towards Nygma and I actually liked that Essen seemed reluctant to suspend him as well. Even Gordon seems to like Edward as well.

Leslie (to Gordon): “I put lipstick on and you forensic advice? You’re very confusing.”

Gordon: “Our ME has been fired for stealing body parts. Can you believe that?”
Leslie: “Only in Gotham.”

Chronology: A few days from where “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” left off.

I’d say that this was easily the best episode we’ve had since “Penguin’s Umbrella”. “The Fearsome Dr Crane” certainly had it’s moments of horror but it also set a delightful first part in one of the best revised origin stories the show has done yet.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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