Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: American Horror Story/Scream Queens - Panels/Spoilers

The final set of panels I'm going to cover and it made sense for Comic-Con to have merged both of Ryan Murphy's horror/comedy anthology shows. The panel had a string of excellent people - including Kathy Bates, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer and Evan Peters to name a few. Without further ado, here's what we learned about both shows.

American Horror Story

- Characters from previous will appear in Hotel. Murphy didn't specify which ones though. Also, once again the chances of Jessica Lange reappearing seem particularly high.
- We got character names. Kathy Bates will play Iris, Matt Bomer is Donovan, Evan Peters is Mr March and Sarah Paulson will be playing Hypodermic Sally. All of these characters are villains, including Angela Bassett's too.
- There will be no musical numbers this season but Gaga's character will have something to do with fashion. Murphy revealed that Gaga actually wrote him a letter for a role on the show.
- Sarah Paulson expressed a delight to guest on Scream Queens. You just know that's going to happen. Her character in Hotel however may not survive the season.
- A brief trailer was also released, featuring Gaga's hand. The start of those little themed trailers before we get a major concept one closer to transmission.

Scream Queens

- A lot of major spoilers for this side of the panel. We'll meet the killer in the opening episode. The cast have to do two shots - one where they're innocent, the other where they're the killer.
- Jamie Lee Curtis's character will do something that is a nod to Halloween. Her character will also kick ass and have sex with an 18 year old. Murphy made it clear on the panel how much he adores Jamie.
- Lea Michele confirmed that Hester is incredibly jealous of Chanel. The earmuffs also worn by Billie Lourd's Chanel minion character are a plot point as well.
- Zayday on the other hand also wants to stop Chanel from running rampant. That's something both her and Cathy seem to have in common.
- A musical episode may or may not happen in this show. Murphy hasn't ruled it out as such.

The panels for both shows were hilarious and informative enough. It's going to be interesting watching both shows side by side over the winter months.

AHS/Scream Queens Panel Info: http://www.spoilertv.com/2015/07/american-horror-story-scream-queens.html

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays 8pm on FOX from September 22nd. American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on FX from October. UK airdates/broadcasters are yet to be confirmed.

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