Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sense8 - Just Turn The Wheel And The Future Changes/I Can't Leave Her

And here's the recap for the last two episodes of this incredible series. It's been something of a bumpy ride.

Nomi Marks: The last two episodes for Nomi were a group collaboration with Will and the rest of the Sensates into rescuing Riley and it was certainly fun to see Nomi put her hacking skills to the test when she aided Will into getting into Whispers facility in order to get Riley out of there. We also got to see her hacking buddy Bug again as well as another shining moment of how brilliant Amanita was throughout the final two episodes.

Lito Rodriguez: He wasn't in the penultimate episode and Hernando wasn't in the final two episodes and we still don't know whether or not Joaquin will out him but his skills did come in handy when it came to charming a female doctor (his bit in Operation: Rescue Riley) and the moment where he reminded Will that they took part in an orgy half a season ago was certainly priceless.

Will Gorski: The finale was probably the biggest for Will and Riley and their whole relationship in general. He got everyone to get him to Iceland to rescue Riley and also had to experience her traumatic past while they were escaping (along with various interactions with Jonas, Angel and Whispers). He was also left in a bit of a sticky predicament as the episode ended as well.

Riley Blue: Wow, that finale was traumatic as hell for the poor girl. The flashbacks to her husband and baby's death, the current torture she was suffering at Whispers and even being forced to relive her past experiences as she was escaping with Will. Some truly excellent acting from Tuppence Middleton in the last two episodes. I did like that her and Will got a moment together in the end.

Kala Dandekar: We got to see various skills from Kala in the finale (getting Wolfgang out of a stick situation, helping Will to wake up Riley) but even then, there were some bad times for Kala. Going by what she saw with Wolfgang, it might be a while before things go further with them. On the plus side, it's nice that we've seen her interact with more members of the same cluster though.

Wolfgang Bogdanov: Things got bloody and they got bloody rather fast. While Wolfgang was able to get Felix to safety, he then managed to lay waste to his uncle's gang before taking out his uncle in one violent swoop. Actually the flashbacks to when Wolfgang killed another important family member was a good way of highlighting how dangerous he was (along with his method for helping Will/Riley escape). It also put something of a damper on things with him and Kala for the time being.

Sun Bak: And the bad stuff kept on coming for more of the cluster members. While Sun helped Will beat the crap out of several security guards during Rescue Riley, she also had the misfortune of finding out that her father was killed and that her brother intended for her to remain in prison. If the show comes back for a second season, then I'm hoping Sun is freed within the first half of it.

Capheus: Van Damn came through various times in the last two episodes. His skills with stealing cars helped Will and Riley with their escape while in his own life he also managed (with a little help from Sun) protect the mob boss's daughter and save the mob boss himself. As a final note, I also love that one of the last images of the finale was a moment where all eight Sensates were on a boat together and given that the whole Jonas/Whisper/Angel stuff is far from resolved, this show has to come back for a second season. Go on, Netflix, you know you want to.

All of Sense8's first season can be seen on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, do so now.

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