Thursday, July 09, 2015

Sense8 - Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye/What Is Human?

Getting closer to the end of the season of this wonderful show and these two episodes were some of the best television I've witnessed.

Nomi Marks: What can I say? Her scenes in these two episodes were just sublime. The moment she connected with Lito over their loneliness and being outcasts was just absorbing to watch. A beautifully acted moment between Jamie Clayton and Miguel Angel Silvestre and the reunion with Amanita resulted in some well timed fireworks as well. Not to mention the fact that Nomi along with her other cluster members experienced a concert (courtesy of Riley's father) and relived her own birth as well. Stunning stuff.

Lito Rodriguez: Boy, does Lito really know how not to deal with a break up or not? The poor brooded, ate a lot of ice cream, lost a flip flop and it was the tag team effort of both Nomi and Wolfgang that helped him out of his funk. The fight with Joaquin to get Daniela away from the latter was entertaining but indicative of natural character progression while the reunion with Hernando was very much welcomed. Nice one, Lito.

Will Gorski: The connection between Will and Riley has been building nice over the last few episodes quite nicely but through these two, the general arc seems to be picking up speed as well. Will is getting more and more information about Whispers courtesy of Jonas (Riley through another source) and in the 10th episode, I actually found himself enjoying Will's scenes with his father - and that wasn't something I would've said earlier in the season. I also liked him interacting with Wolfgang and Capheus too.

Riley Blue: Out of all the characters, these last two episodes were fairly major for Riley. The connection to Will, her reunion with her father, seeing his concert, meeting another Cluster who told her not to trust Jonas/get out of Iceland and then there was her backstory. I honestly didn't see it coming and it was certainly well handled and the scenes where she lost her husband/child were harrowing.

Kala Dandekar: Again, the connection with Wolfgang has been handled nicely but I loved the fact that she finally got to interact with another member of her cluster. The scenes where her and Capheus were discussing dancing, violence and a Van Damn movie were just brilliant and I also like that she's getting closer to admitting that she doesn't want to get married as well. Then again, even her father has picked up on her reluctance for marriage now.

Wolfgang Bogdanov: Like Lito, there was some character progression here. If Wolfgang taught Lito how to fight, then Lito showed Wolfgang how to lie effectively during a gang dispute. Then we got that particular bad ass moment where Wolfgang showed off his skills with a rocket launcher. Also on an interesting note, there was a tiny bit of antagonism between Wolfgang and Will when they met up briefly as the latter talked about Independence Day.

Sun Bak: Perhaps a little underutilised in these last two episodes compared to previous ones. It did seem like her father was beginning to realise that having Sun take the rap for her brother's crimes wasn't such a good idea but aside from a few fleeting interactions (with Will and Capheus on the boat) and watching her birth/enjoying the orchestra, not a lot of Sun here. Hopefully that changes for the last two episodes though.

Capheus: Some great moments for Capheus in these last two episodes. His scenes with Riley and Kala for example were sublime, the backstory about his younger sister was devastating and the little moment where he talked about liking fireworks made me smile as well. Also, I might be reading into stuff but could the writers be setting up a future Wolfgang/Kala/Capheus triangle as well? Oh and all of the sensates share the same birthday too - August 8th.

Next blog, I'll recap/talk about the final two episodes, Just Turn The Wheel And The Future Changes and I Can't Leave Her.

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