Monday, July 13, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: DC Panels Part 1

Mainly for the main CW shows and a certain series about to make it's debut on CBS during the month of October. Here are the respective bits you need to know from the Comic-Con panels.


- Above is a picture of Oliver's new costume, as he will now be calling himself the Green Arrow, which funnily is also the title for the fourth season opening episode.
- Diggle will also be getting a costume this season.
- Former Desperate Housewives actor Neal McDonough has been cast in the role of Damien Darhk. However, the Batman villain Anarchy will also be a threat to the gang this year as well.
- The show will also be adding the character of Mr Terrific, who in the show's version will be gay and a friend of Felicity's.
- New interactions will be key this season, especially between Malcolm, Felicity, Laurel and Thea.

The Flash

- Biggest news revealed was that Masters Of Sex actor Teddy Sears will be playing Jay Garrick in the new season while Shantel VanSanten will play Patty Spivot, a love interest for Barry.
- Wally West will also be popping up at some point while fans can expect to see Grodd back and a Captain Cold/Golden Glider episode early in the season.
- Season 2 will open up months after the first season finale with Iris being a help to Team Flash.
- Barry will regret not saving his mother and Henry will eventually get out of prison.
- Cisco will be dealing with some new abilities and the villain for Season 2 will be Zoom.

Meanwhile the CW also released a trailer for the upcoming Vixen series, which will premiere on CWSeed from August 25th. Although confirmed months ago, we will be seeing both Oliver and Barry in the animated series too. The show looks like a good addition to this particular universe and hopefully, it'll pave the way for a live action version of Vixen to appear in the other shows at some point.

Legends Of Tomorrow

- There's a lot of emphasis from Caity Lotz on her character, White Canary being dangerous and unafraid to die since being revived from the dead.
- The greatest thing about the show will be it's ability for time travel. That will be a big factor in the show.
- Hawkgirl's lover, Hawkman will appear in the series. Ciara Renee is also excited to explore the reincarnation aspects of her character.
- The inspiration for the gang is both The Magnificent Seven and Ocean's Eleven.
- Professor Stein will apparently have the arrogance to think he can mediate a dysfunctional family, according to Victor Garber.


- Peter Facinelli has joined the series as Maxwell Lord.
- The producers want to do both Supergirl and her famous cousin's mythology justice.
- Expect several strong female characters in this show.
- Melissa Benoist on her costume: "It’s impossible not to feel empowered & brave when I’m wearing it.”
-  Executive Producer Ali Adler on Kara: "You'll see her first as female and you'll remember her as powerful. She's a badass."

More Information:
Vixen Trailer:

Vixen will air in August on CWSeed while Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will premiere on the CW and CBS from October onwards. Legends Of Tomorrow will air in January 2016.

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