Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sense8 - W. W. N. Double D?/We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts

Two thirds into the season and the arc has taken some interesting turns as several characters get more information on their connection when not placed in morally compromising positions.

Nomi Marks: Now these two episodes really seemed to play on Nomi's hacking abilities to the max. Not only did she meet up with a past hacker friend called Bug but both her and Amanita stalked Dr Metzger's place, learned more about the creepy organisation after the Sensates, which then led to them coming directly after Nomi by paying Amanita's mother a house call. I did like that with the connection to Will, Sun and Capheus that Nomi was able to escape from her would be captors for the time being but at the same time, I'm now worried for Amanita and her mother though. Ooh and Nomi interacted with Jonas again.

Lito Rodriguez: This was not a good set of episodes for Lito. First of all, Daniela's abusive ex-boyfriend was able to get her back and use some suggestive pictures of Lito and Hernando to break up the fun trinity while at the same time, Lito and Hernando then broke up after the former made no effort to get Daniela out of harm's way. Much as I feel bad for Lito, I'm actually on Hernando's side in this one. Hopefully in the remaining episodes, Lito will be able to get Daniela away from her abusive boyfriend and reunite with Hernando as well as come out of the closet as well.

Will Gorski: The gang subplot that Will has with his partner wasn't particularly riveting to watch but the slow burning connection that he's forming with Riley (not unlike the same dynamic with Wolfgang and Kala) is actually quite lovely. You could argue about it feeling contrived but it really doesn't though. It's been handled so believably well that when the two of them are talking about their homes, it's genuinely lovely to watch. Other than that though, Will ended up getting suspended (not good) but at least the combination of him, Sun and Capheus managed to save Nomi though.

Riley Blue: The last few episodes have been great for Riley. I've enjoyed her interacting with other Sensates, particularly in one scene where her and Capheus shared a flight together and the romance with Will has been beautifully handled as well. More to the point, taking the character out of London and back to Iceland and having her reconnect with her father has been great for the character.

Kala Dandekar: Like Riley, the last few episodes have also been great for Kala. The eighth episode particular ended in a shocking scene where she witnessed her future father in law being stabbed in public (which even I didn't see coming) - the same future father in law who also seemed savvy enough about her true feelings for his son. Then there was her getting a better insight into Wolfgang's terrible childhood and friendship with Felix as well. The only thing I do want though is to see Kala interact with some of the other Sensates aside from Wolfgang as well. She seems to be the only one who hasn't yet.

Wolfgang Bogdanov: These last two episodes not only gave me a better insight into Wolfgang and Felix's friendship but also a rather horrible look into his childhood as well. Seriously, in a show that has had some horrible parents (and great ones like Amanita/Capheus's mothers, Riley's father, all of Kala's family), Wolfgang's father is arguably worse that Nomi's mother but at least we saw just how much of a great friend and ally Felix has been to him over the years. It does look like for now that Felix is touch and go, so he might survive the season while Wolfgang and Kala's connection also seems to be growing as well.

Sun Bak: We've gone all Orange Is The New Black/eventual Prison Break perhaps with Sun's storyline now. She's stuck in prison but aside from one mean spirited lag, the majority of the prisoners are either helping her to learn to sew, are bringing her food and generally being nice to her. Also after that little prison yard scrap, only a stupid person (that lag in particular) would be deluded enough to physically take Sun on in a fight. I also enjoyed seeing her and Nomi interacted as she showed the latter how to fend herself from some federal agents belonging to Whispers.

Capheus: Poor guy. The more involved he got with Silas and interacted with his daughter in order to help his mother, the more it forced him to realise that getting in bed with a crime lord wasn't a smart idea. Unfortunately (and expectedly), he's just gotten himself in too deep to really get out and now we've got a plot with a rival gang who want Silas's daughter as well. On the plus side at least Capheus had some great interactions with Will, Riley and Nomi in the last two episodes.

Next week, I'll recap/talk about the episodes Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye and What Is Human?

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