Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: Sherlock - Christmas Special & Series 4 Details

To kick off things, the BBC have rather nicely given us a new image from Sherlock's upcoming Christmas special.

While it's not an actual image from the episode itself, it's still a nice reminder of course that the special is set during Victorian times and pretty much in it's own little bubble as well. In some ways, that's a little frustrating as it's likely they won't resolve the cliffhanger we were left with in His Last Vow but on the other hand, the clip they released from the special did poke a lot of fun though ("I'm your landlady, not a plot device"), so that works for me.

Meanwhile while Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't attend the panel himself for Comic-Con (neither did Martin Freeman), he did however take part along with Mark Gatiss in Andrew Scott's amusing video where the three of them explained their absences. As for the panel itself, it was attended by Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Rupert Graves and here are some tidbits we did learn ....

- A crossover with Doctor Who could be a possibility. Moffat didn't seem against the idea this time.
- Sue Vertue said they were trying to get Sherlock to air in the US closer/same day as the UK.
- Hint was made at the third Holmes brother.
- Irene won at the end of A Scandal In Belgravia apparently. Moffat doesn't know if the character will be seen again.
- Series 4 hasn't been written yet but Moffat and company do know where they will be going with it. Expect to be "sucker punched into emotional devastation".
- The sexism of the era will be central to the Christmas special. Somehow factors Molly in a way.
- A clue for the Christmas special is also "ghosts".
- The Christmas special will also be shown in selected cinemas worldwide.

Sherlock Panel & More:

Sherlock's Christmas special will air on BBC1 and in cinemas around Christmas. Series 4 begins filming in 2016.

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