Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Review of Gotham's 2x15: "Mad Grey Dawn"

Written by Robert Hull
Directed by Nick Copus

Elijah (re Gertrude): "She never told me."
Oswald: "Told you what?"
Elijah: "That I had a son."

If there's one thing that can be said about this episode, it's certainly that it wasn't an eventful one. In fact, I think this might be the most eventful episode Gotham has ever done because so much actually happened here that I have to process things.

First of all, Nygma went into full Riddler mode, setting up traps, bombs and question marks to bamboozle Gordon and coupled with the bloody death of Pinkney, Gordon is now looking at a forty year stretch in Blackgate. Jeez, Ed - Gordon didn't even suspect you in the first place. Maybe you should've until after he had his conversation with you before embarking on his downfall, huh?

While I'm still mixed on Nygma's transformations (love the riddle/question mark bit, hate the serial killing aspect they're going with), this was certainly an interesting episode for Cory Michael Smith as Ed tilted further and further into the dark side. As for Gordon - I should feel bad for him but let's be honest, he's not going to be prison for long. He'll probably be freed by next week, not to mention the fact that he has both Bullock and Leslie on his side even if he was annoyingly defeatist by the end of this one.

As for Barnes - he might be right about Gordon killing Galavan but he seemed way too quick to believe that Gordon was capable of murdering another cop. Can we please just lose Barnes as a character? I keep saying it and only because it's true, the guy literally adds nothing to the show and all he's done is actually make me miss Essen even more. I hope he's gone by the finale if not before then.

Gordon's arrest also contributed to another interesting factor - Barbara finally waking up. Yup, Sleeping Beauty managed to snap out of it and given that we've got seven episodes left this season, I'm curious where they're going to go with her. Will Barbara be more evil than ever or do we have a redemption storyline in the works? Then again, she's also due an appointment with Hugo Strange too, which should be fun.

Keeping with the fun, Bruce is certainly adapting to the mean streets pretty well with Selina. This week he saw Ivy at work with magic mushrooms and took a beating from Butch's irritating nephew Sonny (please do not recur that character) all while throwing further hints to Selina about his imminent future.

Then there was Oswald himself. The scene where he was trying to be peaceful with Butch and Tabitha was certainly odd but I did like him trying to advise Nygma away from violence and anger, even if it didn't work. As for the meeting of his father Elijah and new family, well, I'm not expecting happy families in spite of the talk of it towards the end of this episode.

Also in "Mad Grey Dawn"

The title of the episode came from one of the paintings that Nygma wrecked at the start of this one. Art heist - Batman 1989 anyone?

Barnes: "Lies, huh? Tell me the truth again."
Gordon: "I didn't kill Galavan. I wasn't there."

Paul Reubens previously played the Penguin's father in the opening scene for Batman Returns. I love history repeating itself here. Oswald's 31 by the way.

Nygma: "I have the utmost faith in your abilities, Detective Gordon."

Butch (re Oswald): "He's a pathetic loser. He doesn't pose a threat to anyone."
Tabitha: "Are you serious? No way, he has to die."

Tabitha is so going to pay for mocking Oswald's mother. She's smart enough to know Oswald is still a danger and Butch should've listened to her.

Oswald: "I'm here to tell you, Ed as a friend, violence and anger are not the answer. I'm a changed man, better. You can change too."

Sonny: "The Gilzeans are all about consequences."
Selina: "More like all about pizza."

Oswald: "Sir, please tell me truthfully, is this a dream?"
Elijah: "Not a dream my boy, you're home."

No Alfred in this episode. I'm actually surprised that he seems to be obeying Bruce's wishes. I thought he'd be spying on him from afar.

Selina (re Gordon): "You okay?"
Bruce: "This isn't right. This can't be right."
Selina: "Tell me something that is."

Chronology: There was a four week time jump in this episode between Gordon getting arrested and then sent to Blackgate.

Mad Grey Dawn certainly lived up to the first word of the title. I don't think we've had an episode this busy since the very first one and it certainly went into some interesting places. Oswald's new found family have good potential while Nygma's descent into Riddler territory is heating up nicely enough along with Bruce embracing his destiny.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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