Saturday, March 12, 2016

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x14: There's My Baby

Penultimate episode and was it me, or did it feel like a finale? Maybe if they drew a line under the Hapstall case it would've been, but dammit, a lot really did happen here.

Written by J.C. Lee & Erika Harrison
Directed by Stephen Williams

The Loss Of A Son: Last week we saw Rose kill herself and this week we saw the death of Annalise's unborn son following a car crash as she was determined to get back at Wallace Mahoney and his role in Rose's suicide. Viola Davis has always been incredible and this episode she was absolutely stunning as Annalise and Sam had to cope with the death of their child in flashbacks while in the present day, she fought off Philip, confessed everything to Wes, dealt with both Eve and Nate and then went to her mother in the final scene of the episode. Some truly incredible acting from Viola throughout this episode.

He Knows Everything: It might have taken 29 episodes, but throughout them Wes now knows exactly happened to his mother (when he wasn't venting his anger at Laurel) as Annalise not only told him about how Rose really died but also that the rather horrible Wallace Mahoney is his father, which means we'll be seeing that unpleasant character in the present day at some point. I like that they've moved forward with that storyline but it does make you wonder if this was the original intention with Annalise and Wes all along, story wise.

Bad People In Common: Well, because of Sam and Annalise, both Frank and Bonnie have murdered people - Lila and Rebecca and in this episode, both of them had the opportunity to call the other out on their respective kills. Bonnie also managed to figure that it was Sam who ordered the hit on Lila with little prompting from Frank as well. I also liked the flashbacks with Frank calling Annalise out on her mistreatment of him and Bonnie having therapy with Sam to deal with her esteem issues. The flashbacks in this second half have been interesting, especially as we also had Sam and Eve briefly interact with each other in flashback too.

The Hook Up: Oh ABC, sometimes you really do oversell a moment. Asher and Michaela hooking up with each other came across as more random than actually shocking. Saying that, I would've been furious if it had been Connor/Michaela and Connor/Asher just would've come across as fan pandering as well, so I'm cool with Asher/Michaela for the time being. It's no worse than Laurel/Wes now is it? Still though, it was a little jarring considering that Michaela spent most of this episode freaking out about Caleb disappearing. Speaking of which, anyone else find that a tad suspect?

Carpe Diem: We haven't had that many Connor/Oliver moments in the second half of this season so in a lot of ways, this episode was a blessing. Not only did Oliver get to witness Annalise drunk and ranting but he got a little spooked by Laurel blaming Frank for shooting Annalise but he also reminded Connor that he's stronger than the latter thinks he is and he also quit his job. This was basically a great episode for these two.

Next week, it's the finale and the resolution to the Hapstall case once and for all.

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