Monday, March 07, 2016

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x13: Something Bad Happened

Again, apologies for the delay with this recap/review. Things should be more on track for the last two episodes but I have now caught up with this episode and it was certainly a great one.

Written by Michael Foley & Warren Hsu Leonard
Directed by Zetna Fuentes

Genuine Shocker: As in we found what exactly happened to Rose and we still have two episodes left to go. Last week, it did look like she had been murdered by Wes/Christophe and while that would've been easy, would it have been satisfying? I don't know but what I do know is that between Annalise/Eve and Papa Mahoney (who really is an absolute prick of a character), Rose actually ended up killing herself in front of Annalise, who freaked the fuck out and left the woman to die as Christophe had the misfortune of seeing his mother's last few moments. It certainly helped to explain a lot about Wes as Rose's death was finally made apparent.

The Truth Won't Set You Free: Wes spent most of this episode again avoiding Annalise, being actively pissed off at Laurel for betraying his confidence while trying to convince his therapist that he might have killed his own mother. Of course by the end of the episode, Wes had had enough and decided to get some answers from Eve while Annalise had to deal with Philip, who just happened to be waiting for her it would seem. I do like that they revealed the Rose storyline but with two episodes left, we still have some other stuff to get through.

Motherhood Calling: In flashbacks, we saw Annalise roping in Eve to apply some pressure in order to get Rose to testify for Charles. In the present day, Eve got a surprise visit from Wes at her lobby. Back in flashbacks though we got more of an exploration of Annalise and Eve's relationship was explored. Annalise did pull out the 'I'm no gay' card, which was fine but couldn't they address the possibility of her being bisexual though? Eve on the other hand clearly wasn't over the moon that her ex was expecting a son with Sam but she was supportive enough. I'm starting to think that Annalise ended up faking a miscarriage and that she had her baby adopted instead. Then again, with two episodes left, anything could happen on this show.

Sleepover At Asher's: Yup, that happened and between Asher dressing up as a naff mascot, serving up lunchables or whatever it was and trolling the shit out of Laurel (bad timing, dude), it was an oddly light experience. There was some moments of snark with Oliver thinking the gang were overreacting and both Connor and Michaela had some nice moments as well when Annalise was telling them not to drop themselves in it for exchange of immunity after handing over Connor's laptop to Denver in order to smoke Philip out. As the last moment of the episode showed, we all saw how that particularly turned out.

Better Lives Beforehand: Frank and Bonnie at a bar mulling over things before the Keating Five brought carnage into their work place. It was actually a nice character moment between the two of them as Bonnie was trying to keep her distance from Asher and Laurel was freezing Frank out as much as possible (when she wasn't confronting Annalise about Frank's confession). An interesting moment in another very heavy episode.

Next week we find out what happened to Annalise's baby and there's a shocking hook up.

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