Saturday, March 19, 2016

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x15: Anna Mae

And for this finale we've solved one murder mystery, set up another one for next season, revealed a massive betrayal and spent some time with Annalise's family.

Written by Pete Nowalk
Directed by Bill D'Elia

The Homecoming: In an almost unusual change of pace, the majority of Annalise's scenes in this episode were actually in Memphis where she was staying with her mother, reconnecting with her siblings and be heavily wary of her father's motives while interacting with Nate and confessing to her mother about losing a baby. The last scene lead to a truly poignant moment in the back garden between Annalise and Ophelia and if you thought that Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson worked well last season, they're even better to watch again in this episode. I genuinely enjoyed all of the scene with Annalise and her family this week but there was also a mystery to finally put to bed and this episode thankfully did that.

He's The Killer: As in Caleb and not Philip - the latter of whom conveyed this information to Annalise. Caleb also killed his racist aunt and he was the one informing on the Keating lot as well. However while Caleb was revealed as the murdered and Catherine/Philip probably freed, he didn't actually get sent down. Instead he killed himself in the bathtub but after 15 episodes, at least this storyline has finally been put to rest, even if Michaela felt stupid for massively misjudging Caleb though.

Carrying That Guilt: Keeping with mysteries, for those who were curious as to how Sam was able to coerce Frank into murdering Lila, this episode enlightened us on that one. It seemed that Frank was paid to bug Annalise's hotel room and then Mahoney arranged for her to be hit, causing the death of her baby. While Bonnie filled Annalise in on this little fact, Frank did a runner by the end of the episode. Conveniently around the same time as something else pretty major happened.

I'm Your Son: History really does have a habit of repeating itself, doesn't it? We witnessed his mother dying and now he witness his father getting shot right in front of him. It obviously could've been Frank in a twisted way to make amends to Annalise. More than likely it's going to be someone else but either way, Wallace Mahoney's death will definitely be the ongoing mystery strand for the first half of next season.

Naughty, Naughty: I'm not sure what the writers intend to do with Asher and Michaela and while it doesn't bother me as such, it does still comes across as a bit random though. Then there was Frank finding out about Laurel and Wes's brief kiss and Oliver sabotaging Connor's attempts of getting into Stanford, which wasn't his best move. I have a feeling that Oliver's new found thrill seeking is going to backfire on him spectacularly next season, especially now that Conrad Ricamora has been elevated to regular status.

The show will be back on ABC from late September for it's third season.

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