Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Review of Gotham's 3x05: "Anything For You"

Written by Denise Thé
Directed by TJ Scott

Nygma (to Oswald): "I hope you know, Oswald, I would do anything for you. You can always count on me."

And this week, this also included setting up a lovely little scheme where Butch's own back stabbing was publicly outed, therefore making Nygma Oswald's number two even more so. How sincere Edward actually is about being there for Oswald, I don't know because for a moment, even I believed that he was willing to betray his friend for a slice of the action.

I knew Butch was going to be part of the Red Hood gang (nice use of them, by the way) and I knew that his scheming boiled down to currying more favour with Oswald. I also knew that Butch would conveniently silence the gang as well but also that Nygma would somehow become privy to things and use it his own advantage.

Having the action set place in Sirens (I guess that place has replaced Oswald/Fish's nightclub of the first two seasons) with most of the principal characters there was brilliant. Along with Victor Zsasz returning and Tabitha briefly in danger, Butch's betrayal got a very public showing along with Nygma's "heroism" for good measure.

Speaking of Nygma, when he wasn't inserting himself further into Oswald's life/cause, he was also back at the GCPD and ruffling feathers in order to help out with the Red Hood gang. I did enjoy the scenes he had with Leslie and Lucius though, both of whom made sure that Nygma knew exactly where he stood with both of them,

Elsewhere in the episode, we also got to see some more continuity from the events of Jervis Tetch's antics from beforehand. It seems like whatever effect Alice's blood has is now starting to take a hold of Barnes while Gordon and Valerie both did their own brand of research into learning more about it while Tetch resorted to kidnapping a woman and forcing her to live out his sister fantasy before killing her at the end of this one.

As for Bruce, I quite liked his scenes with Gordon and Selina in this episode. It's nice to see the show trying to explore his public persona and for Bruce/Selina fans, this was definitely a good episode for them as they grew a little closer in this one.

- Ivy was one of the guests at Oswald's party and took some delight into taunting Selina. I hope the show knows what they're doing with her.
- Tabitha went out of her way to rescue Butch by the end of this episode. This can't end well for her, right?
- The statue tribute to Oswald's mother looked awful. Maybe the Red Hood gang did Oswald a favour, taking that garish thing down.
- Chronology, not long from where New Day Rising left off.

Another superb episode. Anything For You certainly had a lot of fun moments with two of the best characters getting the best amount of screen time together but I am a little concerned if Hatter is sustainable for the rest of the year's episodes though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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