Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 3x06: "Is Someone Really Dead?"

Written by Fernanda Coppel
Directed by Sharat Raju

Asher (to Michaela): "Is someone really dead?"

Asher, it's been two and a half years, mate - when is someone not really dead on this show? Sam, Lila, Rebecca, Sinclair, Caleb, Mahoney and so on. Of course, going by this episode's ending, it's now confirmed that Asher is safe as Michaela found him at his dorm having the time of his life until she revealed that someone died and Connor's MIA.

The flashbacks this week also revealed that Annalise had called most of the Keating 5 to the house or at least that's what Asher himself believes. Now that leaves Wes, Connor, Frank and Nate to be ruled out, although we know that one of those four will end up being the dead body. I'm still thinking Frank or Nate though.

Speaking of Frank, even by not being around, he's managed to cause some tension. Annalise spent most of the episode snapping at Bonnie for her betrayal, even though Bonnie had actually recorded Frank's murderous confession while Laurel confronted Annalise on her attempts to kill Frank, which the latter ended up dismissing.

However in a rather unexpected twist of fate though, Frank somewhat manage to solve a few of the problems he created (and arguably created more) by actually framing Mahoney's other son for Wallace's death, just around the same time everyone else was convinced that Wes was about to turn himself in for a murder he didn't actually commit.

Keeping with Wes for a moment, this episode had Annalise trying to rein him in from doing something stupid, had both Bonnie and Connor blame him for their current problems while Wes also dumped Meggy and slept with Laurel (guess that maybe solves the baby daddy side of things). This episode saw both Wes and Laurel finally getting closer while Michaela and Asher also formed more of a connection with each other too.

Of course, it wasn't just those two couples getting along more nicely. We had Nate confirm to Annalise that he was dating ADA Renee Atwood (whom Annalise went up against once again) while Connor had to learn that Oliver was beginning to date a hunky acupuncturist named Thomas, who seems nice.

Elsewhere following his outing as the poster guy, Simon tried to endear himself a little this week and even managed to get the first chair in Annalise's case with a lesbian soldier versus a jerky straight guy. I'm not sure what the show is trying to do with Simon just yet as his attempts of playing nice were largely spurned and when Michaela openly sabotaged him, he promised to go after her as well.

- Asher dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe was one of the funniest moments we've had in the series. I'd still like to know what Michaela's issue with her adopted mother is though.
- Frank is coming back to Philadelphia as this episode showed in it's closing moments.
- Looks like someone's going to betray Annalise in next week's episode.
- Chronology: Three weeks still before the events of the fire.

Is Someone Really Dead ruled out another one of the Keating 5 as the potential victim and while I don't think/hope that either Connor or Wes are the dead body, a part of me is wondering why Annalise wanted them all at the house on that night.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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