Monday, October 17, 2016

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 3x04: "Don't Tell Annalise"

Written by Erika Green Swafford
Directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Laurel (re Frank): "He killed your father, didn't he?"
Bonnie: "Don't tell Annalise."

Can I just say to begin with that looking at the ratings for this current season are making me a little sad. I understand shows have their ups and downs but this season so far has been so ridiculously great that it's a shame the ratings aren't somewhat higher than they should be.

This episode in general could easily be one of my favourites. Not only did we see Annalise having to face some genuine consequences for her actions (even if that guy from last week totally deserved that slap) but we also saw the differences in her relationships between Nate and Eve. Annalise really turned on the former at the worst possible time and he ended up sleeping with another woman while the latter supported Annalise but ultimately had moved on to another love.

I do like that Annalise's confrontation with Soroya didn't get her what she wanted until Annalise realised that claiming to be an alcoholic was the only way of getting her licence back. It was a clever enough move but it also had some truth to it as well.

I really do think that the dead body is going to be either Nate or Eve, if not Frank. This week, Laurel was ruled out of the equation but only as the dead body. She was the second alive one in the house that the ambulance rescued and thanks to Meggy at the end, we also learned that she was pregnant while Bonnie and Oliver at the hospital remained oblivious to this.

The big question as to whom the father is though - Frank or Wes should be interesting to learn down the line. This week though, Frank continued his killing of bad fathers by heading up to a low security prison in Coalport to bump off Bonnie's abusive father and now both Bonnie and Laurel have a secret from Annalise of their own.

Speaking of Bonnie, with Annalise losing her licence, it was up to her and Asher to help a misguided teenager named Tristan avoid a prison sentence. The case took something of a dark turn when we learned that Tristan was stealing to provide for his biology teacher, whom he got pregnant. I do like that the case had both Bonnie and Asher mull over their past this week and while Tristan was a little justified for calling them horrible people, I do think Bonnie in spite of her methods did the right thing.

- Simon took some delight in implying to Connor that he hooked up with Oliver (they didn't by the way), Connor hooked up with two younger guys onscreen and a silver fox off screen and Annalise can't say the word "bisexual".
- Last week we saw Laurel's father again and this week it was Frank's who told us he was in prison years ago.
- Michaela spent a lot of time this week trying to hook Oliver up with other guys when she wasn't downplaying her thing with Asher and being a little drunk around Meggy.
- Chronology: Not long from where Always Bet Black left off and four weeks prior to the fire at Annalise's as well.

Don't Tell Annalise certainly intensified things a lot this week. Between the moments of Connor and Oliver trying to move on from each other and all the new secrets and lies this week, we're certainly leading into things really going to hell.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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