Friday, October 21, 2016

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x02: "The Justice Society Of America"

Written by Chris Fedak & Sarah Nicole Jones
Directed by Michael Grossman

Sara (to Nate): "Out here, even the strongest and bravest of us die."

Ah, yes, of course Sara would come out with a line like that and by the end of the episode, it had more potency when the Justice Society of America lost a member as well. Goodbye, Rex Tyler/Hourman, we barely knew you but the show had to reinforce just how much of an actual threat good old Eobard really was and you dying cemented that yet again.

However before Rex was unceremoniously bumped off, we did spend the majority of this episode having our Legends working with the Justice Society of America and it was certainly a bumpy union of sorts as both teams somewhat clashed and connected of sorts.

Jax managed to get his flirt on with Stargirl who seemed a little taken with him while Sara and Rex butted heads over leadership tactics. Stein's temporary appointment of the Legends leader came to a swift end though when he handed the reins over to Sara without even hesitating. Now, I wasn't opposed to Stein actually being the leader but this episode proved that out of all of the Legends, Sara is the logical choice for the role until Rip returns.

Then there was Ray and Amaya/Vixen as well who clashed and connected quite a bit in this episode. Amaya (Mari's grandmother) wasn't best pleased with the Legends and particularly Ray stepping into stop the Baron's super soldier plan in 1942 and when the two ended up being captured together, we had some moments that made me wonder if we're going to get a future pairing down the line. I like Ray but I'm not sure if the show should be touting him as a romantic lead as such and I'd rather see Amaya develop on her own without a romance so soon.

As for Nate - well, this episode certainly gave him a bit more scope, didn't he? He had some nice choice moments with Sara (please, don't go there, show) and learned a bit more about the team dynamics when he wasn't foretelling some bad stuff going down. More to the point, the show also tackled the relationship between him and his grandfather, Commander Steel and we even learned that he's a hemophiliac. Also going by the trailer for next week, it seems that he will also become more than just the historian on board the Waverider.

As for the Society members themselves - Rex, Amaya and Commander Steel are the only one who truly got some immense screen time, even if the former died by the end of this one. Mid-Nite, Obsidian and Stargirl had their moments but were a bit underutilised while the Baron's super soldier self was guilty of some of the worst CGI we've seen on the show.

- There were references to both Rip and Snart in this episode. We also briefly saw Rip in flashback this week when learning more on Rex's warning to the gang.
- Ray punched a Nazi in this episode and this was after telling Jax not to respond to a racist comment.
- Standout music: Stein singing Edelweiss of course. Get Victor Garber to sing more on this show.
- Chronology: More or less from where Out Of Time left off.

The Justice Society Of America definitely provided a good introduction for that particular group of people and it'll be interesting what will motivate Vixen to leave them and join the Legends by next week. The main baddie of the week was a bit lame though the episode did manage to make Reverse Flash more of a threat in those final moments than Vandal Savage ever was last season.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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