Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My Review of "A Drop Of True Blood: Minisodes"

Written And Directed by Alan Ball

Jason: "God, Jesus, Mary Magdelene, Allah, Confusion, Buddha, Scientology, Aliens, that lion from Narnia. Whatever is out there, I need your help now. Please forgive me."

In the lead to the third season, we got six minisodes and here are my thoughts on them all ....

Eric/Pam: Auditions at Fangtasia have never been this interesting, well mainly, because we've never seen them before. Given how underused Fangtasia was in the second season, it's nice to see both Eric and Pam going through a trail of terrible auditions before the rather sexy Yvetta stepped in. Too bad Eric the spoilsport didn't let Pam stick around with Yvetta.

Jessica: Arguably the strong one of the bunch, there's a continuous trend of Jessica hunting for food. Here she gets accosted by a sanctimonuous pastor for her troubles. Jessica could've easily killed him but she opted to make an example of him instead with the big boner for Jesus shout out. Funny as hell this one.

Sookie, Tara And Lafayette: One of a few minisodes that's basically a deleted scene from Season 2, this one had Sookie and Tara coming to blows over Bill and Eggs, with Lafayette doing little to get them to see sense. My least favourite of the six, mainly because both Sookie and Tara annoyed me, even if they did both have points to make.

Sam: The poor guy nearly got sacrificed for his trouble so it was natural that he needed to let off a little steam. Crushing Maryann's bulll mask and pissing on the remains of it after turning into a dog is a lot less destructive than other options when you think about it.

Bill: Aww, he's getting a ring to propose to Sookie with. Too bad that Miss Smallwood is doltish enough to have a silver one there and to be caught out wanting to have her wicked way with Bill. Bill's method of getting his own back on the foolish saleswoman is a little harsh but not compared to what other vampires might have done with her.

Jason: The best of the bunch and also one of the shortest. Jason's in the woods racked with guilt over the crappy things that he's done in the space of two seasons. Needless to say, killing Eggs to protect Andy is largely on his mind. And then he sees a panther. Can we assume that the panther in question was Crystal?

Rating: 8 out of 10.