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My Review of True Blood's 3x01: "Bad Blood"

Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Daniel Minahan

Lettie Mae: “Lafayette, I’m sorry about shooting you with your gun.”
Lafayette: “Bitch, you, me, bridge, it ain’t motherfucking happening.”

Isn’t it great how Lafayette can make something as keeping a grudge such a fun thing to do? Okay, maybe not but there are certainly moments in this episode that are utterly great and that’s pretty much what I intend on focusing my attention on for the time being.

I like that this episode didn’t actually drag out who literally snatched Bill from the restaurant. Having read “Club Dead”, I knew Lorena had some involvement behind his original abduction and I’m also willing to bet that she could be partly responsible for him being snatched in this one.

I’m not gonna feign any sense of shock when it comes to Cooter and his gang. If anyone didn’t guess at the end that the werewolves surrounding Bill were Cooter and his gang, then they’re better at avoiding spoilers than I ever will be. Finally, werewolves show up and we’re in Mississippi as well. Good times ahead, though not for Bill.

Poor Bill did suffer at the start of the episode though. Bound in silver restraints, it didn’t take Cooter and his pals long enough to drink from him as well. I sort of knew with the focus being made on the gloves that they would end up playing a part in Bill’s initial escape as well. Nice use of props there as well.

Perhaps I’m desensitised to vampires on my TV for so long now but the scene where Bill did a little glamour on old Olivia after drinking from her wasn’t as shocking as it could’ve been. It doesn’t mean I enjoy seeing Bill snacking on defenceless pensioners either but as scenes went, it didn’t shock me and there was a weird duality of Bill trying to amend his act by giving Olivia a cash settlement for her trouble.

Still, Bill might have fed but it doesn’t take much to reckon that by next week, he’ll be weakened by those werewolves again and held captive. Much as this story interests me, I’m just wondering if Bill’s captivity can be sustained for so long. I know it’s not going to take up the whole season but it will take up enough of it and I don’t want it to be the only focusing arc for either him or Sookie for too long.

Sookie herself certainly wasn’t having a good time with Bill’s disappearance. I get that maybe she should’ve gone straight to Eric first rather than Bud Dearborne and Kenya but I actually hated that both of them were unhelpful. I know Bud was right to point out that he had plenty of human problems to deal with but he could’ve been a little more tactful and Kenya was just outright hostile for the sake of it in my opinion.

As for Eric being responsible behind Bill’s kidnapping – I liked that Sookie not only considered the option but actually confronted Eric, even if it did her no good. Eric’s henchmen only got usurped by werewolves and if Eric’s motives for getting Bill out of the way were down to the Queen, then he needn’t have bothered. Personally I would’ve left Sophie-Anne to hang out to dry.

It’s odd that in the last two episodes of the second season I liked Sophie-Anne but in this one, I couldn’t stand her. Evan Rachel Woods isn’t a bad actress but there’s something about the more bad-ass/insane Sophie-Anne here that didn’t convince me all that much. Am I really supposed to believe that Sophie-Anne isn’t the tiniest bit worried about the Magister?

I guess the Magister is a little dull but regardless of stature, I don’t see why any vampire in their right mind would want to screw with him. Eric perceptively picked up on the fact that the Magister didn’t believe their story about the V trade but Sophie-Anne stupidly blew it off and almost crushed Eric’s nut sack when he offered her some sensible advice.

I’ve read in interviews from Alan Ball that Sophie-Anne’s quite the Paris Hilton of the vampire hierarchy and thanks to this episode, I definitely believe. Maybe she could physically crush Eric if she desired but even I don’t think that Eric will tolerate her shit for a long period of time. He’s too smart and self-preserving for that to happen.

And because of that, I’m also worried about Pam and Lafayette. Either one of these two could literally be scapegoated over the V trade and the trailers in the build up to the season seem to point towards Pam being the likeliest to suffer the wrath of the Magister. As long as they don’t kill her off, I’ll be happy. I like that Pam is seemingly more present here than she was last season. I hope this means better storylines for her as well, even if I do enjoy her applying pressure to Lafayette to move the blood.

Speaking of pressure, this episode was also hell and a half for Tara, wasn’t it? I really am beginning to think that the writers almost enjoy torturing the poor girl at any given opportunity. Her memories of Maryann’s influence aren’t completely there but she also has to deal with everyone else’s thoughts on Eggs naming himself as a serial killer.

Arlene’s insensitivity was a good way of highlighting that and while I do think that Arlene is a bigot, a part of me also thought that Tara might have overreacted given the pressure she was under in this episode. That still doesn’t mean that Arlene should’ve opened her mouth. Sometimes that woman really should think before she speaks.

However for Tara, she’s kind of screwed support system wise. She alienated Sookie by physically trying to throttle in this episode and Lettie Mae really proved that perhaps alcoholism wasn’t the right behind her ineptitude as a mother. Flirting with the Reverend Daniels was bad enough but the bathroom situation? Did she not think?

Lafayette clearly did when he got back, otherwise without him, Tara’s suicide attempt probably would’ve been successful. Yes, I am calling that Tara fails in her attempts to end her own but I’m also hoping that this act awakens Lettie Mae into actually trying to be a decent parent to her only child for a change. Sadly, I don’t think it will. Lettie Mae just doesn’t seem to have a clue how to look after another person at all.

As for Jason, I loved his attempts of trying to get on with things. Of course he was doomed from the start, in spite of Andy’s inspired speech though. Season One Jason would’ve easily bedded those co-eds but this season, Jason wants to be a decent guy and just can’t deal with the guilt of shooting Eggs. I’m not sure if Andy’s going to be able to control Jason as much as he thinks he can.

And speaking of control, I couldn’t stop feeling bad for Jessica. Yes she killed a guy and her attempts of trying to turn him into a vampire looked lame but I don’t know, I felt bad for her. She doesn’t really have anyone she can confide in, given that Bill’s missing, Sookie’s pre-occupied with trying to find him and her and Hoyt aren’t dating anymore. Though if his little phone call is anything to go by, Jessica might get Hoyt back sooner than she thinks. Personally I hope she does, given how brilliant they were last season.

Last but not least – Sam, your erotic dream with Bill pleased the slasher in me, even if it was fanfiction of the highest order. On the flipside, if Tommy is anything to go by, I am going to hate seeing your biological family throughout this season. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little but damn, I do not like the sound of the Mickens one bit.

Also in “Bad Blood”

HBO and Showtime both have a huge tendency of giving us a big “Previously On” segment in order to catch viewers up but this one could’ve been scaled down a little.

Bill: “Who the hell are you?”
Cooter: “How about you call us the ‘fuck you’ crew?”

Yvetta from the first minisode appeared in this episode. The poor girl was tied up and apparently having sex with Eric for the last six hours. I bet there were plenty of female fans out there who’d happily trade places with her for that scene.

Arlene: “I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, all right. But honestly, who here hasn’t?”
Tara: “Bitch, Eggs was no killer.”

Bill (to Cooter): “If you have any orders to keep me alive, you are about to fail. With the rate you are draining me, I will die.”

The cast this season has both Kristin Bauer van Straten and Marshall Allman but I suspect that more will be added to the opening credits in later episodes. And Arlene thinks she’s pregnant as well.

Pam: “Now, I don’t remember telling you lavender is my favourite colour.”
Sookie: “I’m in no mood for your lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam. Where’s Bill?”

Sookie: “Bill’s been kidnapped and I think you did it?”
Eric: “I didn’t actually. Any other theories?”

Well, at one point Sookie did tell Bud Dearborne about Lorena and she even contacted Isobel about Bill’s disappearance as well. Plus she cottoned on to Jessica’s abilities of being summoned by Bill, hence finding the abandoned car and Operation Werewolf logo.

Eric: “There are times when I seek your counsel, Pam. Now is not one of those times.”

Sam: “You can take the shirt off my back if you want to.”
Bill: “I’ll take what I can get.”

Because of this dream sequence, are we going to see a similar one of Lafayette and Eric anytime soon?

Hoyt: “It’s good to know I’ve got friends though.”
Jason: “Friends are good.”
Hoyt: “Cos I need a place to stay.”

Hoyt: “I’m sorry I didn’t wake you. I miss you.”
Jessica: “I miss you too.”

The scene with Jessica cradling the flowers Hoyt gave her was sad. I also found it nice that Jason naturally assumed Hoyt would stay with him when Hoyt was trying to ask it first.

Eric: “We can use my office.”
Sophie-Anne: “It’s bugged.”
Eric: “How do you know that?”
Sophie-Anne: “Because I’m the one who bugged it. It’s how I know I can trust you.”

Jason: “Hoyt, if you and me are gonna be roommates, there’s a certain amount of pussy overflow that you’re gonna have to deal with.”

This was the second season premiere in a row not to be written by Alan Ball, though Brian Buckner did a great job.

Sophie-Anne: “All due respect, Mr Northman, I’m due a lot more respect than that and I’m sorry to compromise your man like this but hell hath no fury like a vampire queen broke. Move. The. Blood.”

Standout music: Beck’s “Bad Blood” actually stood out the most for me with this one.

Bill (to wolves): “I should warn you, I’ve fed.”

Chronology: Immediately from where “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” left off.

Okay we’ve had stronger opening episodes and there’s no getting away from how much “Bad Blood” is just a set up for the season’s big events but it’s never boring and there’s certainly a lot to suggest that this season will never stop too long before something else gets in the way for everyone in Bon Temps.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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