Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Added Guest Stars (Spoilers Obviously)

With Series 6 of Doctor Who is continuing to be filmed, here's another run down of high profile guest stars that was announced over the last few weeks.

Model and actress, Lily Cole has been cast in the series third episode, playing the role of a Siren. This is the pirate episode from Steve Thompson and it seems that Cole's character spells trouble for Rory, who in previous reports was seen to be under the influence of the deadly sirens. Michael Begley is also gust starring as Mulligan in that episode along with Oscar Lloyd rumoured to be playing duel roles of Tony and Freddie.

Meanwhile in the current episode that's being filmed - episode 11, written by Toby Whithouse, David Walliams is playing a mole like alien named Gibbis. From the sounds of it, Whithouse's episode will be a lighter one. Elsewhere in Moffat's episode, Demon's Run, additional cast has been confirmed with France Barber as Kovarian, Christina Chong as Lorna Bucket while the US two parter has Geoffrey Burton playing NASA Man.

Meanwhile, following his successful stint as Craig Owens from last year's The Lodger, it seems that James Corden will be reprising the role in the 12th episode of the season, rumoured to be penned by Gareth Roberts. Filming is due to begin during the second week of March and there's also rumours that Matthew Graham's two parter, The Rebel Flesh/Gangers might directly lead into the mid-season finale. Transmission for the sixth season has yet to be confirmed but it's rumoured that it will air in late April, given than there's still four episodes that are left to be filmed.

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