Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Music To Go Deaf By

Okay, there will be two TV jumble blogs this week. The second will be up on Friday/Saturday.

Skins: I am really liking the fifth series a lot right now and this was another great episode. Even though I am not a heavy metal at all, I did enjoy Rich throughout this one and it was nice that him going deaf gave him more of an appreciation for Grace and her ballet. I wasn't surprised that they didn't hook up just yet, seeing as we've got six more episodes to go but I can wait. It's also nice to see a continued friendship between Grace, Franky, Alo and Rich, even though it's clearly rubbing Mini up the wrong way though. Still the series does need to develop Nick, Liv and Matty though.
Primeval: After a pretty disappointing fourth season, this episode sure as hell was something of a wimper. After Jenny's lacklustre return in the previous episode, I was hoping that Danny's would be a better effort but it wasn't. It also didn't help that him, Ethan/Patrick and Emily all decided to go into anomalies as well towards the end of the episode. The reveals of Matt being from the future and Philip being a baddie should've made more of an impact but who didn't see them coming? Here's hoping the fifth series is a lot better than this.

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Um, interesting first episode, liked the antics with the lawyer. This show is coming to an end and it's still managing to be both racy and ludicrous in equal measure. Of course, Stephanie would be in the cushiest prison going and of course Belle would be roped into being a guardian to Poppy and a madam in one fell swoop. Not that I'm complaining but it just wasn't much of a shocker is all. On the plus side, it does seem that progress between Belle and Ben is also being made. So, she'll choose him over her profession by the finale, yes?

Shameless: I've been watching the 8th season on and off and while the show has had better days, it still shows how bloody inferior the US version is nonetheless (just watched the second episode of that). Monica's return wasn't the greatest of things but if it helps keep Frank with Libby, then I guess it served a good purpose (and I liked the Doctor Who spoof as well). It does seem that the Maguires continue to be more vocal than the remaining Gallaghers though. In recent episodes, we've had Jamie/Karen reunited, Shane/Kelly pulling scams, Mickey humiliating teachers and Mimi battling serious insomnia and nearly endangering baby Cilla. Not too keen on the new neighbours but I do like Lillian's new girl though. Overall, the series isn't as good as it used to be but it's still one of the best things that Channel 4 produces nonetheless.

Marchlands: Not one but two spooky new series on TV (I have to catch up with Bedlam later in the week), I wasn't overly impressed with this one to be honest. It's not a bad series as such and it definitely has an interesting cast but it just didn't jump out to me to be honest. I liked that there was a story that's connecting three generations but the series is lacking something. Maybe the next few episodes will be stronger.

- Debra Messing is apparently being lined up for a musical pilot called Smash about a group of people who decide to stage a broadway show about Marilyn Monroe.
- Smallville's two part finale, will be titled, erm, Finale Parts 1 and 2 and will air on the CW on May 13th.
- Glee will be doing a sex education episode. It's the one that returns Holly and has Santana discuss her bisexuality as well. Oh and Kurt/Blaine aren't happening any time soon, folks.
- Brothers And Sisters 18th episode of Season 5 will feature the death of Ida as well as Justin's 30th birthday.
- Grey's Anatomy's musical episode will revolve all around Callie, who is recent US episodes has been revealed to be pregnant by Mark.
- Rose McGowan will play a violent grifter in an upcoming episode of Law And Order: SVU.
- NBC have reported to have given the greenlight to their own version of Prime Suspect.
- Paul Adelstein will direct an upcoming episode of Private Practice. Both Nicholas Brendan and Alex Kingston will also be appearing in future episodes as well.

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