Saturday, February 12, 2011

Peace On Earth - Torchwood Season 4 Filming Spoilers

It might be hard to believe it but at this rate, Torchwood has been filming for five weeks now in relation to it's fourth season and here are some updates ...

First of all, unlike Children Of Earth, Miracle Day will comprise of individual titles per episode. Russell T. Davies is writing episodes 1 and 10, Doris Egan has scripted episode 2, Jane Espenson has tackled episodes 3, 5, 7 and 8 (with Ryan Scott for the last one) and John Shiban has written episode 6. The writers for episodes 4 and 9 have yet to be announced. Bharat Nalluri is still directing the first episode but Bill Gierhart is helming the second one.

In filming during Cardiff last week, we saw banners saying, 'peace on earth' and 'miracle day' as well as scenes filmed with Gwen and Rhys in hospital and visiting their old pal Andy with baby Anwen in tow. Not only that but later scenes hinted at some tension between Jack and Rex (Mekhi Phifer) as well as later scenes involving both SWAT teams and a kidnap but I'm not sure who. Either way, this is getting delightfully action packed. Here's an exchange as well worth noting ...

Gwen: "Hold it there! [to Andy]
Did you call them!? [the CIA]".
Andy: "They're in charge."
Jack: "Say's who!?"
Rhys: "He can't arrest us, he's American!"
Rex: "This isn't an arrest (he then goes on to say
something about it being a plead for help)
Now get me out of here! Get me home, go!"

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure this is the first filming pictures with Six Feet Under actress Lauren Ambrose as well. This scene seems to be one between PR lady Jilly (who definitely is representing Oswald Danes) and Laurie (Rachel Leah Cohen), whose character is also due to be intimidated by a character played by Wayne Knight. Filming this week resumed in LA after the Cardiff shoot from last week. Looking forward to seeing Jilly in action with the creepy Oswald pretty soon as well.

There was also some scenes this week filmed with Dichen Lachman, Lauren Ambrose and Arlene Tur (Vera Juaraz) and a more detailed set report can be found at the link below. Either way, Torchwood is really shaping up.

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