Thursday, February 03, 2011

Torchwood - Season 4 Filming Spoilers

This week has been a good one. Not only are pictures of filming for Doctor Who's sixth season are coming in but so are ones for Torchwood's fourth year.

First thing is that Tom Price's character Andy Davidson has now gone from PC to Sergeant since the last time we've seen him and with filming in Cardiff this week, it seems that a lot of action is happening with him and the regulars. It'll be interesting to see how big Andy's role in the fourth season is. It'll also be a miracle if both him and Rhys are still alive by the end of the season as well.

I can't be sure what episode is being filmed - it's possbily the first one, considering that Life On Mars director Bharat Nalluri was seen on set for this one. Also joining the regulars apparently during filming in Cardiff was Mekhi Phifer and Dichen Lachman, whose role has not been disclosed yet. Here's hoping for some pics of Alexa Havins, Bill Pullman and Lauren Ambrose in the next batch, eh? I really want to see Esther, Oswald and Jilly in action already.

Returnees for this season of Torchwood also include actors William Thomas and Sharon Morgan as Geraint and Mary Cooper. I wonder if that means we'll be seeing Rhys's family as well if Gwen's are returning. Ian Hughes as also been cast as a character called Ralph Finch. Lena Kaur (Leila from Hollyoaks) will be playing Dr Alicia Patel, Danny Szam is listed as Surveillance while Daniel Adegboyega is listed as playing a guard as well. The casting is certainly growing. Maybe True Blood should watch out. I jest of course.

Russell T. Davies has also hinted that he might not remain with the series after the fourth season is finished. From an interview, he quoted ...

It's brilliant to return to Torchwood - in a way for me Torchwood never went away because it always lives in my head, really. The chance to take those characters, take Eve Myles's character Gwen Cooper and obviously Captain Jack, played by John Barrowman. It's their fourth year of stories now, it's kind of like they have become modern legends, I love that. And I think people of Wales have enjoyed it, everyone's in on the story, they're kind of in on the fun of it all, it's great to keep going.

And on what he'll do afterwards:

It's interesting as to how long I can stay in the science fiction world. Personally I think I'm coming to the end of it now and I've saved the world and blown up the world too many times, and I hope I leave Torchwood in rude health, and then I'll probably move onto something else then

It's time to write something just where people talk in kitchens, at least for me. But I hope we literally leave the franchise in in a very strong position that other writers come in and take it over.

I'm as critical of Russell's work as the next person and while he probably should move on from the sci-fi world, I'm not sure if the series could completely could go without it. Who'd take over? Maybe Jane Espenson if her and Drew Greenberg's remake of Randall And Hopkirk for SyFy goes balls up. What does everyone else think?

Filming Pictures 1:


Guada GN said...

Andy is back! That´s nice. And yes, hopefully he´ll still alive at the end of the season.
What do I think about RTD? Personal feelings aside - yes, the Ianto thing - I think he´s became too melodramatic. The last year of Tennant´s Who was too emo for me. I mean, I enjoyed it, loved Nine, but we were always on the bring of angst. Too taxin. I think thats what happened with Children of Earth. I mean, personal feelings aside - yes, still the Ianto thing :) - the whole thing was an angst festival, and seeing that Torchwood was a lot of things but never that gloom, I really think that RTD must to go. A season ago, actually, but whatever, Ill take whatever I can get.

Guada GN said...

And don´t let me start on the plotholes. I mean, Im a sci fi geek like nobody´s business, and I can turn I blind eye to a lot if it delivers a good story and keeps me glued to the screen. But there were major plotholes there - you could have lose a bus in there - and I can´t leave my personal feelings aside for this one, cause those plotholes killed Ianto and Im still pissed about that.
End of the ranting now. Sorry. :)

shawnlunn2002 said...

I don't know - it is RTD's show but I'm keeping out optimism for Series 4. It could be something great but he does need to dial the angst down a couple of notches.