Monday, February 28, 2011

White Collar Discussion Lite

Every now and then, I look at some series that I don't usually gush and one of them is White Collar, a series from the USA Network that stars Matthew Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a conman that was once imprisoned and is now helping the FBI with solving various crimes each week, including an amusing partnership with slightly uptight, FBI agent, Peter Burke (Tim Dekay). Okay, so their banter isn't that disimilar from every buddy cop show/movie ever seen but it is certainly amusing to behold.

On the verge of ending it's second season, the bits and pieces from this show that I've seen have certainly interested me. The cases are usually very by the numbers stuff but there's a lot of interesting banter between Neal and Peter and the array of support characters such as Elizabeth, Mozzie and Diana certainly does make for an entertaining show. So, maybe one day, I might take this show on properly if I don't cave into my urge to review The Walking Dead properly that is. I should mention that I'm going to probably review something new at some point. Could be White Collar or it could be The Walking Dead, just not sure yet.

Season 1 Trailer:
Season 2 Trailer:

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