Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soap Discussion - February 2011

And to end this week (but not this month), here's a soap blog for February 2011 ...

Coronation Street: A mostly interesting month to be honest. Peter and Leanne's wedding (or not a wedding) was highlight, what with the former managing to verbally rip the latter to pieces by exposing her affair to Nick to a packed audience. However four days later, Peter managed to put it behind him and take Leanne and promptly go on holiday. Personally, I'm not compalining because their storyline was the most riveting in a month where money troubles (Steve/Becky, Dev/Sunita, Lloyd) and revenge (Owen shopping Eileen to the cops) were also a dominant focus. Still though, some comic moments did resume throughout Weatherfield with Sally and Kevin re-enacting War Of The Roses, Rosie and Betty discussing the fine art of tweeting and Julie taking an active interest in Tyrone's grooming habits. Less fun was anything involving Tracy (they are wasting her character) and poor Janice getting burgled but that's Weatherfield for you

Emmerdale: Last month set up two major storylines and this month more or less brought them to a conclusion of sorts. Henshall going nuts and holding Katie hostage made for a good week, along with his death but it's definitely Lisa's rape coming out to the village that made the last week more discussion worthy. Some wonderful acting from all the Dingles as they learnt the truth about horrible Derek but this was definitely a busy month - Doug's departure, Kelly's return along with Jimmy going missing, the Aaron/Jackson/Flynn saga and some much needed comedy with Marlon, Paddy and Rhona during the birthing classes as well. The only thing that didn't really hit the mark is the whole Adam/Mia dynamic but that's because I don't really care for either character all that much. And is it me or is Alicia less irritating than usual?

EastEnders: Another dull and depressing month for this show. Apart from Whitney's downward spiral and falling into the arms of a pimp named Rob, I can't think of much that I liked this month. Okay, apart from Kim and maybe Yusef but seriously, this show is producing some dreadful storylines. I'm not interested in Glenda and Roxy trying to get revenge on Phil because it's looking likely that they'll fail. I similarly have no interest in Christian/Syed wanting Roxy as a baby mama because it's a storyline that's come out of nowhere and a week detailing Heather's financial woes because Cheryl Fergison isn't a strong enough actress to pull something that heavy off to be honest. And the sooner this baby swap rubbish with Ronnie/Kat is dealt with, the better too. Oh and Michael is still bland as anything.

Hollyoaks: Over the last few months, I've come to be interested in Brendan as a character. It's probably helped that Emmet Scanlan's acting has significantly improved but it's more down to his interactions with Ste, Rae, Warren, Gaz and now Pete that have done it more as well as his amusingly fake relationship with Mitzee. I'll still never support him and Ste as a couple (though Ste/Noah, I potentially could) but he's definitely improved as a character. The other major plot points of the month were interesting too - nice to see more people learning that Theresa killed Calvin and the Gilly/Jacqui rape plot is definitely a complicated one too. However, I do hope the show gives us more of killer Silas soon, given that he's seemingly been in hibernation for a while now.
Fair City: I have to hand it to Bob Charles - he really is a cockroach in human form. Whenever you think he's totally squashed, he manages to turn his luck around. The start of this month, he was looking after Turlough and not getting well compensated for it. When Turlough popped his clogs (death by mirror glass - never a nice way to go), he managed to snare 200 grand and The Hungry Pig, irating both Louie and Neasa in equal measure. Shame Turlough had to die though - I liked him and Neasa's relationship and while the Dillons have become a vocal point in the series now, they're still a rather interesting family dynamic. Most of the stuff involving Decco throwing his weight about and being the hard man though is boring, compared to Suzanne's return, the brief arrival of Louie's ex-wife and kids and the rest.

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