Monday, February 28, 2011

My Review of Being Human's 3x06: "Daddy Ghoul"

Written by Lisa Magee
Directed by Philip John

Nancy (re Mitchell): “You don’t think so?”
Herrick: “You wouldn’t either if you knew.”
Nancy: “Knew what?”
Herrick: “What lies beneath the surface.”

For a man who still hasn’t pieced together that he’s a vampire, there’s an almost weird reassurance of sorts that even in amnesiac form, Herrick can retain his evil manipulations brilliantly. Last week, he worked excellently on Nina and this week, the rather delightful Nancy became victim to his scheming.

If Herrick can’t remember who he is and still wants to refuse drinking blood, it’s interesting to see how determined he remains in wanting to bring Mitchell down. Nina did her bit by contacting the cops with dropping Mitchell in it about the Box Tunnel Massacre but Nancy was the only one who was interested in it.

I guess for the cops, they’ve probably endured far too many nutters giving them false leads that when even a reliable one surfaced, they’d question it and dismiss it if they don’t think it’s much cop. I’m actually glad that Nancy was suspicious and wanted to pursue her hunch in regards to Mitchell, even if she does have very little support at the station.

For Nancy, the Box Tunnel Massacre is personal and while she might not be a victim like oh say, Lia, it’s obviously that investigating the case has taken its effect on her and it was also nice that she was able to see through Mitchell even before Herrick got to her. Which then lead to another interesting thing ...

That bathroom scene between Nancy and Herrick was definitely one of the most intense scenes we had this week. Herrick spent most of this episode denying his bloodlust (apart from that bit with a bloodied tissue) and for a second, I actually thought he was going to snack on Nancy. He’s definitely getting closer to becoming the man we know him as, that’s for sure.

However the scene between Mitchell and Nancy was the most tense. Yes, I guess he was naturally going to get back his dossier from her and while I was glad that he didn’t hurt Nancy, I’m not sure what else she can do now to prove that he’s a killer. Also the fact that Nancy joked about her job being the death of her could very much become a literal thing in the next two episodes if either Herrick or Mitchell get their way. I don’t want Nancy to die – I really like her and this show could do with having a recurring, non corrupt detective around.

Speaking of Herrick and Mitchell, their dynamic in this episode was interesting. Mitchell’s desperate to get that resurrection ritual and his frustration seems to be on the increase with Herrick’s refusal to drink blood from anyone. Don’t worry Mitchell, it won’t be long before Herrick does come back to his bloodthirsty self. Only then, resurrection ritual aside, I don’t think you’ll be all that grateful for it.

As for Annie trying to play the role of investigator in the Box Tunnel Massacre – good for her, especially now that she knows Lia was one of the victims as well. Yes, it will probably ruin her relationship with Mitchell and how she sees him as a person but I want her to find out the truth because Mitchell’s continuous lying has created more harm than good and also because like George, Annie has the right to know as well. Sorry, Mitchell but this is your own doing.

In lighter storylines this week – I can’t believe George Senior got introduced into this series by faking his own death. More to the point, I can’t believe how doing something so stupid and illegal actually managed to be a good thing for the man as well as George and possibly Nina too.

For one thing, it finally got George to open to his parents about being a werewolf and while they didn’t believe him, at least George no longer has to hide from them. I’d say that was a result, almost as much as having George Senior punching obnoxious Marcus’s lights out as well when he decided to win Ruth back.

As plots go, it was definitely one of the lighter ones but it was enjoyable nonetheless. We needed a bit of a breather after the intensity of the previous two episodes and overall, it gave George/Nina something outside of Mitchell, Annie and Herrick, so overall it worked for me. Here’s hoping that George Senior and Ruth show up next series.

Also in “Daddy Ghoul”

Annie mixing WH Auden with Cheryl Cole – how do you do that? I didn’t keep a straight face during that scene.

Mitchell: “I don’t need a protégé.”
Herrick: “It isn’t always about you. Why do you think some of us live forever and some of us are like fireflies?”

The flashback to Paris 1933 with Mitchell and Herrick wasn’t one of the show’s best ones but clearly Mitchell’s refusal to make an heir is coming back to bite him now.

Annie (re George): “Did I, did I punch him?”
Mitchell: “Yeah.”
Annie: “See, this is what happens – I panic. I’m not very good with death. What was I thinking?”

George: “You’ll be fine.”
George Senior: “I wish I thought so.”
George: “You will, I promise.”

George Senior’s list of unfinished businesses included telling Linda about something she couldn’t have on the Atkins diet, watching Titanic (and misquoting it) and paying a newspaper. Good job he wasn’t actually dead then. Those would’ve been rubbish things to have resolved before having your door come up.

Nancy (to Nina): “My God that is a good cup of tea. I think I’ve shagged people for less. Do you have any biscuits?”

George: “Dad, death gives you a great sense of perspective. I’m not going to see her. I can’t ever do that.”

I did love George and Nina trying to coach the former’s dad in wooing back Ruth as well as Nina’s conversation by herself with George Senior. Wonderful little character moments there.

Nancy: “This place will be the death of me.”
Annie: “Tell me about it, Reed. Tell me about it.”

Annie (to Mitchell): “I need to help Nancy solve this case. Not just for you, for Lia too.”

Mitchell gave Nancy some half-information on Daisy’s involvement with the Box Tunnel Massacre. Does that mean Daisy will finally appear in this season?

George Senior: “At the funeral, I saw you. You looked, you looked so upset.”
Ruth: “Of course I was upset. You were my husband, George. I loved you.”
George Senior: “Loved or love?”

George: “I’m a werewolf.”
George Senior: “Now, you are taking some form of medication at the moment aren’t you George?”

Standout music: Girls Aloud’s “The Promise”, if only for George Senior’s delightfully embarrassing dancing.

Nina: “Did you dad just misquote Titanic?”
George: “Yeah, just don’t ask.”

Nancy (re dossier): “It’s a bit of a sick hobby.”
Mitchell: “So is taxidermy but it’s not illegal.”

Chronology: Only a day or something since “The Longest Day”.

Okay, “Daddy Ghoul” probably won’t be seen as one of the strongest episodes we’ve had but I actually liked that it was a bit of a lighter one. If the trailer for next week is anything to go by, things are going to get even messier for the characters anyway, so maybe this breather episode was needed.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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