Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Walk The Plank - Doctor Who Series 6 Spoilers

Last week some big casting for the third episode of Series 6 was announced and this week, we're into full filming mode for it. Pictures, videos and stuff are from Gallifreybase and DoctorWhoSpoilers.

First picture sees what you should expect in a pirate themed episode - the Doctor being forced to walk the plank, presumably by Hugh Bonneville's character, Avery. Bits about this story seem to be the main villains are something called Sirens as well as vampire pirates (allegedly), it's based within the 17th century and the Doctor apparently talks about Avery's ship looking different from last time. Rory's being held back by one of Avery's men during the scenes where the Doctor's forced to make the plunge of doom.
In some of the other pictures, it seems that Amy won't be playing damsel in distress in this story. Not only do we see her in pirate gear but she's also taking a cutlass and fighting off some of Avery's men. Atta girl, Pond. In terms of casting, EastEnders Lee Ross will be playing Boatswain in this episode and Danny Sapani will be appearing in episode 7, titled Demons Run as Colonel Manton.

Once this episode is filmed, there will be five more to do - episodes 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13. I'm not sure how much of this episode actually plays into the ongoing strands of Series 6 but it definitely looks like it's going to be a very fun episode nonetheless.

Here's an exchange of what was overheard during the filming of this episode ....

The Doctor: "I suppose laughing like that’s part of the job description. Can you do the laugh – check. Grab yourself a parrot. Welcome aboard."
Avery: (Something like she talks alone my parrot and my men): "Take the doxy below to the galley and get her to work. She won’t need much feeding."
Amy: "Rory! A little help?"
Rory: "Hey! Hey! You! Listen! She’s not a doxy."
(Amy is taken below - The Doctor then talks to Avery which is inaudible, but ends with him addressing the Pirates...)
The Doctor: "A bit more laughter maybe guys, no, thank you!"
(The Doctor then looks over the side of the ship)
The Doctor: "Interesting jewellry by the way. And you’ve redecorated. What happened to the rest of the crew? Big ship, (Where’s the?) Pirates. I suppose the rest are hiding, they’re all going to jump out and shout "Boo!""
Amy: "Boo!"
[Amy appears from the hatch wielding her swordy.]

Can't wait to see this swashbuckling adventure when it hits the TV screens.

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