Saturday, May 07, 2011

All The Muck That's Fit To Rake

And here's another TV jumble for you ....

Desperate Housewives: I have to admit that Season 7 has been something of an improvement recently, with nearly every plot minus anything Lynette/Tom (I'm fit to kill the both of them) actually being interesting. Bree and Gabby trying to maintain their friendship in spite of Carlos's wrath, Susan befriending Paul and Felicia subsequently poisoning, Karen getting a little more involved with Felicia and even Renee has been enjoyable. Here's hoping the last few episodes wrap up the season nicely.

Game Of Thrones: The show moves at a somewhat slow pace but it's actually becoming interesting viewing though. Ned is definitely a better character than I expected him to be and Tyrion is by far the best character of the bunch, though I'm liking Arya for smacking Cersei's bratty child down and John Snow is still a sympathetic character too. Sometimes the politics is a little hard to keep up with though but I'm still sticking with this show.

Glee: Really loved the last two episodes. Okay, so doing Born This Way was nowhere near as great as Rachel/Quinn's mashup of Unpretty/I Feel Pretty but you have to admire Santana's scheming. The girl managed to neutralise Karofsky in a way that no-one else managed to and Kurt returned to McKinley and while Sue might need to up her game beyond rumour spreading, I did enjoy Will and April taking on Fleetwood Mac's Dreams and the subplot about Sam being homeless was pretty effective as well. Looking forward to the final three.

V: I still have to catch up with Birth Pangs but the last two episodes were delightful. Finally, Erica and company make an aggressive effort to take out Anna. It's just a damn shame that it failed, Ryan betrayed them and Erica's ex-husband ended up being killed instead. On the flip side, it's been six episodes and Diana has yet to do anything really significant. Hopefully now that Lisa is aware of her grandmother's existence, this might finally change.

The Walking Dead: This show is definitely getting a lot better. Nice to have Rick reunited with his family and surprisingly decent of him to try and retrieve that racist hick with a small team as well. However, the women on this show need a more active role, other than dying (I liked Amy, shame to see her go) but overall, this show is definitely getting into it's groove though and I can't wait to see what the last two episodes have in store.

- Brothers And Sisters could be returning for a sixth season as little as 13 episodes. ABC won't reveal the show's fate until May 16th.
- All My Children actress Susan Lucci could be appearing in Desperate Housewives in the near future. There's been some contradicting reports on this one.
- Puck, Artie and Sam will be singing Rebecca Black's Friday in this week's episode of Glee. There's also rumours that Season 3 will feature a Cheryl Cole song. Ugh.
- Dexter and Deb's relationship will be further explored in the upcoming sixth season of Dexter. Will she finally realise her brother kills people? Dexter will also not be pitted against one big bad this season.
- Grey's Anatomy will see both Meredith and Derek facing tough times as they struggle with adoption.
- Chris Colfer has sold a pilot to the Disney Channel called The Little Leftover Witch, based on the Florence Laughlin books.

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