Monday, May 23, 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day New Trailer/Spin-Off Web Drama

And with a month and a half left before Miracle Day hits the airwaves, Starz are upping the ante with this enticing trailer from Access Hollywood ....

The minute and a bit trailer released some newish clips. The first few including the world announcing of Miracle Day itself as well as Rex and Esther both actively pursuing Jack and Gwen. I had to admit to laughing when Gwen was unimpressed with Rex being from the CIA and gasping a little with Jack and Esther landing in a fountain.

I found this scene a little creepy but also rather similar looking to V For Vendetta as well. I guess this is one interesting way for the world to respond over death being taken out of the equation. Also both Rex and Oswald were, erm, injured looking (well, Oswald was set to be executed) in the trailer as well. And Gwen - shooting a gun while holding your baby - might look stylish but it ain't practical.

Oswald is set for fame and the bits we saw in the trailer, it definitely looks like Jilly wants a slice of the action. I'm actually looking forward to the Oswald/Jilly relationship and I also hope that Andy is better utilised in this series than he has been in the past too.

Hot on the heels of Miracle Day will be a web spin-off called, Web Of Lies, which is set to be a precursor for the events that unfold in the fourth season. Also if Jane Espenson's tweets are anything to go by, that little gem might be featuring Eliza Dushku. What are the odd that if this is true that will mean that if Dushku's character in the web spin-off does survive, she'll either pop up later in the fourth season or be held for the fifth season? I could see it happening myself.


Miracle Day airs on Starz/BBC1 from July 8th.

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