Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Upcoming Goodies

And here's a look at some upcoming TV treats in the next week and a half ...

Camelot - Season 1: If you live in Ireland, then this latest take on the legend can be seen Fridays from 9.30pm on RTE2 from May 13th, starting with a double bill. I've read some pretty mixed reviews for this series but given that Chris Chibnall seems to be a rather polarising writer, that really shouldn't surprise me all that much. Some of the casting looks great though - Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes and James Purefoy for instance and while this version is seemingly more grittier than BBC1 show Merlin, do we really need another show like it on the air? Channel 4 should be airing it soon as well.

Family Guy - Season 9: Trust BBC3 to be a season behind with this show (and FXUK to be about two seasons behind) and while the laughs aren't as big as they used to be, this first episode - 50 minutes long sees the Griffins taking part in a murder mystery as Stewie comes up with lyrics for the theme tune to Dynasty of all things. It's also dedicated to creator Seth Macfarlane's late mother and BBC3 are having an entire weekend to the series from May 7th, including a documentary on the show's humour and repeats of various episodes before the ninth season premiere airs on Sunday, May 8th at 9.45pm.

Psychoville - Season 2: I wasn't really keen on this series when it first started because as much as I liked The League Of Gentlemen, this one felt like it was trying too hard in places to be shocking and some of the jokes fell flat for me. However the second season is starting up on Thursday at 10pm on BBC1 and I might just give it another go to see if it takes this time around. I hope so, because I'd like to get into the show.

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