Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soap Discussion - May 2011

And here endeth the month of May with a soap blog ...

Coronation Street: Another month of mixed delights. On one hand, there's the tedium of Steve and Becky's crumbling marriage and Tracy's involvement in matter, except this time around, even Amy is getting a little scheming as well. That couple with the boring Tina/Graham/Xin plot and you have more of a disaster than Kevin Webster's near death experience. On the plus side, the last few episodes have been building towards John Stape's exit and with him involving Fiz into his schemes and holding Chesney and the Hoyles captive, there's a silver lining to a somewhat uninspired month. Oh and Sean and Marcus got back together but that was handled in too a rushed manner for me to properly care.

EastEnders: One of their better months, taking the sheer dreck of Heather's internet dating storyline out of the mix, I liked this month. There was even comedy - mostly from Kim being her usual madcap self and the hilarious banter between Janine and her grandmother, Lydia and the show even gave us a post sex scene with Syed and Christian in last night's episode. Still, this being Walford, misery was still there - Kat laying into a recently bailed Ronnie about Tommy, Zainab and Masood's marriage going down the crapper thanks to Yusef, the temporary departure of Jane and the pernament one of Jim. I have to admit it but the show is starting to improve now. Even Fatboy and Mercy's sham marriage storyline has been surprisingly decent as well.
Emmerdale: Okay, so Debbie's pregnant - great, another thing for her to scowl at and another reason for Cain to cement his hatred for Cameron. Is there anyone on this show that Cain actually likes nowadays? Nope, thought not. Still, this month has it's moments - Jackson's days are numbered, Amy managed to scheme nicely for a bit, Adam/Ella's affair is giving their characters something to do, the Nicola/Jimmy/Kelly triangle is better than it should be and Rhona has finally given birth. And that's including the fact that over the new few weeks/months this cast is going to get a little lighter.

Fair City: Not too bad a month but apart from the whole twisted dynamic between killer and cover up man, Barry and Denzo, not too much of interest happened. Damien and Mark's sister, Laura returned and we learned she's gay, Yvonne/Niamh/Jo/Carol recreated Come Dine With Me again and there was considerable screen time given to both Dean/Caoimhe and Esther/Charlie's relationships as well as Keith and Orla's in case viewers had actually forgotten they were dating in the first place.

Hollyoaks: I hate when this show finally put Silas back in the fray last month, he's now relegated to the sidelines. Come on, show, surely he can kill off some more people - like his gormless grandson, Riley who managed to be duped spectacularly by Warren this month with a robbery over a stupid football cap of Carl's. Warren, thankfully had a much better storyline when he was forced into admitting to Mitzeee that he was responsible for Louise's death and the fact that he managed to derail Ethan at every turn was a lot better than Brendan's attempts of tearing both Noah and Ste apart - those two need to get smart and fast. In lighter plots, Ruby's scheming over her illiteracy and Pete was amusing as was Texas and Mandy's fleecing of Cindy at every opportunity and the rom com elements of Lee and Amy. I guess this was the best soap this month or had the least aggravating plots.

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