Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ringer - Season 1 Trailer

You have the wrong girl!

I'm not gonna lie - as a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, I am excited for Ringer. It could be wonderful or it could be terrible but either way, after the recent spate of trailers and clips the CW have launched, I am in. Consider me watching it. Scratch that, I'll be reviewing this episodically for the blog.

As a twin myself (I have a sister, we look nothing alike), I love the premise of Gellar playing twins - rich bitch Siobhan Martin and her estranged, drug addicted sister, Bridget (who seems the nicer of the two) and one of them appearing dead as the other assumes the dead one's identity, with illuminating and dangerous results.

The trailer the CW released is definitely tantalising - both women have messy lives, one of them is on the run from the mob and another tried to kill her sister. Add some interesting guy candy with Ioan Gruffud (playing Siobhan's husband) and Nestor Carbonell (Bridget's saviour of sorts) and I think this show could be a winner. It's a shame CBS passed on this but hopefully with the CW, it will gain a loyal audience.


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