Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glee - From Channel 4/E4 To Sky1?

It might seem like a case of history repeating itself but yes, it's true - Sky1 have snagged the rights to Glee from it's third season onwards after Channel 4/E4 refused to pay for further seasons. Remember this also happened five years ago with Lost as well and it's one of many incidents in the last couple of years where Sky1 have previously bagged successful US shows from other channels - Prison Break, 24, House, anyone?

Now, my own thoughts - I'm naturally divided on this. I don't depend on either Channel 4/E4/Sky1 in relation to watching the show but the move to Sky1 will definitely see lesser ratings for the series (but possibly increased DVD sales) and there aren't many shows that the channel can pair it up with - maybe Modern Family or something like that but it seems like a stupid move on Channel 4/E4's part not to keep the show, considering their original programming has now extended to dreck like Made In Chelsea.

Also, it's a painful reminder now that we're beginning to reach a worrying point where it seems like no US import, ratings juggernaut or not will ever air in a primetime slot on a terrestrial UK channel again for long. I'm all in favour of original programming but I do think more care should be taken into imported US shows and that they shouldn't be relegated to morning/afternoon/graveyard timeslots or digital channels only.

What does everyone else think? Are Channel 4/E4 right or reckless to lose Glee? Will any US show (apart from Desperate Housewives and that's hardly the ratings gem it was when it first started) get a decent primetime slot anymore?

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