Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brothers And Sisters - Cancelled

Now this is a spoiler I'm sure everyone's been aware of for the last two days and I would've reported it sooner but I got caught up in other stuff.

It comes with sadness (but resignation) to report that on Friday 13th this month, ABC officially announced that after five seasons and 109 episodes, Brothers And Sisters was no more. In fairness, I think most people saw it coming but while Season 5 was something of a mess in places, I think it's a shame the show's been canned, especially when worse ones are on that station.

Yes, the writers fudged a lot of storylines (unneeded time jumps, mishandling Kevin/Scotty's parenting storyline, Sarah's paternity) and god knows, ABC were awful in promoting this season (they couldn't even be arsed to do promos for the 100th episode or cast promos this year), I am still going to miss this show, in particular Kevin and Scotty, which still beat every other gay character on TV. It's been swell, show. Season 5 comes out on DVD in August for US buyers and September/October for UK ones. Needless to say, it'll be in my collection.

It's been nice knowing you show but I can't help but think if Jon Robin Baitz hadn't been pushed off his show, certain storylines wouldn't have happened. I mean the bad ones.

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