Saturday, May 14, 2011

True Blood - Season 4 Trailer

And with six weeks to go, HBO are finally giving us a trailer for the fourth season of True Blood. Here's hoping cast shots are next ...

I thought that was Jessica in that screencap but it turns out it's a character called Daisy, who Bill interrogates and who's also a part of Marnie's coven. I was disappointed with the lack of Marnie in the trailer.

Bill and his crazy hair. I love it. In fact if Bill and Sookie remain not a couple this season, I can imagine myself enjoying Bill a lot more. He's already well aware of the fact that there are witches out there that can control the dead.

Sookie and a shirtless Alcide here. Actually there's a lot with Sookie in this trailer, particularly as she's the one who finds an amnesiac Eric and punches him before realising that he's not faking it. Eric's also seen at the coven, Tara's seen with a gun and Pam fends off an attacker at the dungeon in Fangtasia.

Other bits that can be seen are Jason tied to a cot, Jessica getting her groove on, Hoyt punching a bigot, Sam and Luna getting rather close to each other and Bill and Sophie-Anne's scrap coming to an abrupt end.

Season 4 Trailer:

Season 4 premieres on HBO, Sundays at 9pm from June 26th.

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