Monday, September 03, 2012

American Horror Story - Season 2 Character Profiles

I saw this stuff the other day but got caught up with other things but now here's a rundown of the new characters on American Horror Story's second season.

Jessica Lange – Sister Jude, a nun who’s “more sadistic than saintly.”
Zachary Quinto – Dr. Thredson, a psychiatrist who butts heads with Sister Jude over his forward-thinking ways.
James Cromwell – Dr. Arden, a doctor whose sadistic experiments created a group of mutated humans known as the Raspers.
Lily Rabe – Sister Eunice, second-in-command to Sister Jude.
Joseph Fiennes – Monsignor Timothy O’Hara, Sister Jude’s superior and the object of her affections.
Adam Levine – Leo, one half of a newlywed couple visiting modern-day Briarcliff.

Jenna Dewan Tatum – Teresa, the bride of Adam Levine’s character.
Evan Peters – Kit, a new Briarcliff inmate who is accused of murdering his wife.
Sarah Paulson – Lana, a lesbian journalist who is committed by her girlfriend after she “nearly exposes Briarcliff’s darkest secrets.”
Chloe Sevigny – Shelley, a mysterious nymphomaniac.

FX have been continuing with the trailers, including two new ones with the cast members themselves. I have to admit, if anything, this actually sounds and looks better than the first season. Ryan Murphy may be a polarising producer for many a viewer but the man does make some damn interesting television. This is one asylum I plan to make a trip to next month.

Season 2 Trailers:

American Horror Story's second season will air on FX from October 17th. An airdate for FXUK has yet to be confirmed.

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Lucy Harmon said...

It is so nice to finally get some teasers about the characters. A co-worker at Dish and I have been obsessing over the previous trailers, and we agree that this season looks even better than the first. I am particularly interested to learn more about Dr. Arden, it seems like he will be the perfect villain this season. I am so excited for The Asylum; I have already set a reminder to program my Hopper. With all of the shows I watch, I love that there is 2,000 hours of recording space. I can’t wait to see the characters in action, it seems like there is a lot of secrets behind the walls of The Asylum.