Friday, September 21, 2012

Being Human - Series 5 Update

A little bit of an update since the last time I posted about the show.

According to Twitter, it seems that half of Being Human's fifth season has been filmed with Damien Molony (Hal) tweeting a picture of the script for the finale. There's still another month and a bit to go on production of the new series and while we haven't gotten anything too spoilery over the last few weeks, I did remember reading something about two new characters called Vernon and Clara, though what their connection will be to our main characters shall be interesting to see.

Elsewhere former cast member Russell Tovey has recently been reported to have said that he wants a George/Nina spin-off with former co-star Sinead Keenan apparently backing him. Of course, Tovey has recently been doing some audio projects in relation to the show, so more than likely he was probably joking about a spin-off. Besides, George/Nina are both sadly dead, so I guess unless Toby Whithouse wants to do a show about ghost-werewolves, I guess we shouldn't hold our breaths.

Series 5 Filming Pictures:
Russell Tovey Report:

Being Human's fifth series will air on BBC3 from 2013.

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