Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Merlin - Will Series 5 Be The End?

I only ask the question because over the last few days on certain sites, there seems to be something of a fuss about a tweet that mentioned about sets being closed but more than that there was also a tweet from an actor about the show being cancelled (before being promptly deleted). Plus, the BBC haven't confirmed anything beyond this upcoming series (due to air later in the month) and the rumours of a movie franchise, which may or may not be a continuation or a reboot of the franchise itself.

It could be just a case of whispers and paranoia amongst fans but it's certainly been generating a fair amount of interesting discussions online nonetheless. Personally, I'd rather wait and see what the fifth series actually brings before anything else. For all we know, Series 5 could give the show a good final send off or end in a manner to lead into movies or a sixth series. It's hard to deny that the show has been a massive success for the BBC and I doubt they'd axe with ease. Still, until we get some actual confirmation on Merlin's future, we really are going to have to wait and see.

What does everyone else think? Is the end approaching for the show or does it have another series or two worth of material in it?

Cultbox Article:

Merlin's fifth series is due to air on October 6th on BBC1.

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