Thursday, September 06, 2012

Some People Shouldn't Teach

2 Broke Girls: I think I'm losing it with this show a bit. The stereotyping of anyone who isn't a white female aside, the last episode I watched seemed like a ridiculous endorsement for Law And Order. I get that Max is a fan of the show but did she need to mention it about twenty times throughout the episode though? I did however get some amusement from Caroline predictably succumbing to the side effects of a clinical drug trial. The show is still a guilty pleasure but even I can't deny that it's the two leads and not the writing that makes it watchable.

Bad Education: I literally think that Jack Whitehall is one of these comedians who really shouldn't stick with the acting lark for too long. Not because he's awful (he's okay for the most part) but because, while watching this programme, I couldn't help but think his character from Fresh Meat just became a teacher. A pathetic, posh one who mostly doles out bad advice, is generally incompetent, easily bullied by his own students and is generally rather annoying. There are some laughs here and there and it seems to be a ratings hit with BBC3 but it's not actually really worthwhile viewing.

Once Upon A Time: I am getting seriously into this show that I've now seen as far as the eighth episode of the first season. The revelations keep coming thick and fast, that surprise death really floored me and the growing rivalry between Emma and Regina has been an absolute joy to watch. There are times when Henry is a little too twee but he's not that bad and the 'will they, won't they?' antics between Mary Margaret/Snow White and David/Prince Charming have been interesting to watch. However, it's still Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin that has proven to be the most compelling character of them all. Overall, this show is definitely better than I thought it would be.

Sinbad: We've had a tiny bit of a game changer in this series in the last few episodes. Getting rid of Akbari and making Taryn into a slightly more interesting character was a wise move and if Nalla really is gone, then Tiger does seem to be a decent replacement for the character. The rest of the characters seem to be developing nicely enough (Anwar especially) but Sinbad himself could do with a bit of a shake up at times though. The show is still a little lacking in some parts but it's actually nowhere near as bad as other critics are making out. I just hope the last three episodes end the first run with a satisfying punch.

The X Factor: Yes, it's back, yes, the ratings are down, yes, the sob stories are still lame and yes, for a ninth year, it ain't gonna produce a global superstar but it's still watchable enough fluff nonetheless and while the guest judges have been a mixed bunch (Mel B - too bitchy, Rita Ora/Anastasia - dull), the regular ones have been adequate enough. To be honest, it's been pretty thin on some true standouts so far, so hopefully in the next few weeks we get some interesting folk.

- France Conroy is returning to American Horror Story, playing an angel of sorts. Not a literal one I think.
- True Blood's sixth season will only have ten episodes instead of the usual twelve with production due to start in January.
- Sinbad will air on SyFy for US viewers from January 2013.
- Hit & Miss has been cancelled after one series. It's a shame but somehow, I'm not surprised.
- Expect songs from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber (vomit) and Jennifer Lopez in the first two episodes of Glee's fourth season.
- Robert DeNiro is working on a TV version of his 2006 movie, The Good Shephard.
- Joss Whedon will be doing a S.H.I.E.L.D series for ABC.
- Tricia Helfer will be appearing in the fourth season of Community as Lauren.
- Grey's Anatomy's ninth season will feature an episode that will only feature Meredith and Cristina.
- Dowton Abbey's third series will air on ITV from September 16th.

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