Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Return To Magic

It's been a while but here are some of the programmes I've been watching since the last jumble I did. Warning, some massive spoilers ahead for various programmes.

Downton Abbey: This series hasn't been brilliant but it certainly can deliver a shock or two when it needs to. The death of Sybil in childbirth in Sunday's episode was a great example of that, even if it could be seen a mile off. I've always enjoyed Sybil as a character, so her death definitely had the emotional impact it needed. That aside though, the rest of the series needs something of a kick up the backside. Robert's pompous attitude has gotten increasingly insufferable and the Bates storyline has dragged out a bit too much. On the plus side, the Thomas/Jimmy plotline has potential and Edith has definitely gotten more interesting this series as well.

Glee: Oh, the big break up episode was certainly an interesting one alright and easily the best episode the show has produced this season so far as well. I was sad to see Santana and Brittany end things for now but I am glad that Rachel and Finn really are no more as well. This episode managed to make me dislike the character all over again. Will and Emma seem to be a simple state of limbo and Kurt and Blaine, well I hated the cheating aspect of their storyline but musically, this episode was a belter with the likes of Mine, The Scientist and Don't Speak. As for the new kids, I don't mind them but I'm not as invested in them as the producers want me to be.

Homeland: An excellent return for this series. I was initially a little worried that the show wouldn't be able to sustain the quality of the first year but so far, so very good. Carrie's exploits in Beirut in order to get a contact were gripping to watch, though it's a shame that her relationship with Saul is so strained due to the events of last season. As for Brody's rise in power, it really does seem to be interesting to see what will undo him - Dana knowing more about him than she probably should or his double life crashing around him. I did like the last scene in the second episode when Saul came across an interesting confession as well. And it's also nice that both Irish and UK broadcasters are airing this close to US transmission too.

Merlin: The first two episodes of Series 5 and as good as the episodes were (I really did enjoy the real twist about Arthur's Bane), there's still a feeling that even now the show is treading water. A lot of the Merlin/Arthur scenes, good as they are felt no different to what we've had in the previous four years and Morgana continues to be a raging nutter as well. On the plus, a mostly shirtless Gwaine/Perceival for most of the two parter was nice, Gwen being a clever queen was also good and the arrival of a grown up and quickly knighted Mordred at least gives Merlin a more interesting adversary this year. Makes up for a naff alien looking creature and underused dragons.

Once Upon A Time: Last time I blogged about this show, I was four episodes off completing the first season. Well, I've seen all of them and they were brilliant. The fact that the producers decided to lift the curse so early in the show's lifetime is a ballsy move and if the first two episodes of the second season are anything to go by, it's definitely going to be a good decision. Regina might have regained her powers a little too quickly for my liking but I did like her little epiphany when it came to Henry (whose scenes with David have livened the character up a bit) and Emma/Mary Margaret's scenes in the Enchanted Forest are certainly interesting, the tiny bits we've seen. I'm still also intrigued to learn where August has gone, which fairytale character Dr Whale really is as well as whether or not Gold and Belle can make it as a couple too. This show continues to weave a good spell on me.

Switch: I was going to review this episodically, but I actually don't really have the time to, so I'll do a series overview thing after the first series airs. As first episodes go though, this was great. It set up the main points nicely - the girls dependency on each other to cast any spell, the rival coven at the end, the importance of friendship as well as little bits on each character - Hannah's flight of fancy, travelling wise, Stella's boss from hell, Grace's mother from a lesser hell and Jude's thing with gay men at times. It's a good show, definitely ITV2's equivalent of Being Human (though definitely lighter). So far, I'm definitely sold on this show and pairing it with The Vampire Diaries (I'll get around to see that) is a good move too.

- Being Human US's third season will air on SyFy US from January 14th for thirteeen weeks.
- Shameless will finally end after an 11th series of 14 episodes, due to air in 2013 on Channel 4.
- NetFlix have confirmed that UK viewers will be able to watch the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad.
- Jessica Sanchez has bagged a recurring role on Glee.
- NBC are finalising a deal for an Alice In Wonderland themed series, following the adventures of a woman named Clara (jeez, that name is popular nowadays) who enters Wonderland searching for the Queen known as Alice.
- Richard Harmon has joined the cast of Psycho prequel, Bates Motel, playing a rival to Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore). The series will premiere in 2013 on A&E.
- Clark Gregg will reprise his role as Agent Coulson in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series by Joss Whedon for ABC.
- Matt Bomer will be playing the ex-boyfriend of Andrew Randall's character in The New Normal.
- Neve Campbell will be appearing in Grey's Anatomy for two episodes as Derek's sister.
- Both ABC and the CW are producing Great Expectations pilots. Oh, whatever.

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