Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Review of Dexter's 7x04: "Run"

Written by Wendy West
Directed by John Dahl

Dexter (to himself): “I don’t run. I make people run. However I do run if there’s a bull coming after me with an axe.”

Without a doubt, the above is one of the funniest lines ever uttered on the show as it matched the sheer ridiculousness of a bull helmet wearing Speltzer attempting to kill Dexter in one of the creepiest locations that the show has ever used. My compliments to the set department for that sheer stunning room.

I knew Speltzer’s outcome was going to result in death but what I didn’t know was that Deb was actually going to be okay with it. I’m not sure if I actually want Deb to accept Dexter’s killer urges. Her understanding them, sure, don’t mind that but accepting them is something I’m less sure of though.

Speltzer had to slip through the police and at the hands of brutal cops, Deb wasn’t able to make a confession stick with the guy. I liked that Dexter didn’t immediately thwart him and Speltzer proved to be a proper enough threat for Dexter to send Harrison away and rattle Deb at Mike’s funeral but at the same time, it was rather satisfying to see him get his comeuppance.

The staking method was an interesting choice for Dexter but his routine has had to change. Dexter could no longer take a slide sample and chop Speltzer into little bits for the ocean. Instead he had to stake the guy and burn him in a crematorium along with his slides collection, whilst telling Deb (after the fact) what he had done.

Deb’s gladness over Speltzer getting his just desserts was an interesting move for the character but I quite liked her questioning Dexter about Rita, Harrison and Trinity just that bit more. She wasn’t entirely off the mark with some of her comments but if this episode seemed to be an indicator, Harrison actually seems to be something of a well adjusted kid, given the circumstances of his life so far. Perhaps he won’t harbour something of a dark passenger in later years.

Keeping with the darkness – anyone else think Hannah McKay is a strange one? I love the actress in the role but her one scene with Dexter really did seem to make me think that she’s going to be a mash up of Lila and Lumen for him. Now that definitely could be interesting to watch as the rest of the season unfolds.

Another character I’ve actually found interesting in this episode was Isaak. Sure, he’s scary enough to force poor Alex into writing a confession pretending that he killed the stripper, the bouncer and poor Mike before having the guy kill himself but he seems to have something of an interesting moral code as well. I don’t think he was lying about promising to take care of Alex’s family as well, hence his interest in learning about them.

More importantly, I’m also curious about his relationship with Viktor. Were they related (siblings, father/son) or even lovers? It’s probably not the last one but Isaak’s keenness to avenge Viktor’s death certainly added some spice to this storyline over and I really cannot wait to see him and Dexter properly clash now. Even though I don’t think Isaak is going to usurp the likes of the Ice Truck Killer and Trinity for best villain, he is at least proving to be more interesting than Travis was last year, so nice one, show.

Also in “Run”

The bath scene with Deb at the start of the episode was a nice mirror to Rita but it could’ve done without the incest vibe with Dexter though.

Dexter: “Deb, will you? Will you be mine?”

We seem to have a new detective in Miranda, who was smart enough to deduce that Quinn was sleeping with Nadia. I hope she lasts longer than Mike did.

Dexter (re Trinity): “I figured out who he was before you did.”
Deb: “And you didn’t help us fucking get him?”

Deb: “Are you even capable of love?”
Dexter: “I love you.”

There wasn’t much progression with Maria’s storyline involving the Bay Harbour Butcher or any real mentions of Louis, apart from Isaak and George discussing him.

Isaak: “So, it’s Viktor’s fault he’s dead?”
George: “Uh yeah. He was a loose cannon, never listened. At least not to me.”

Deb: “Bad shit is gonna find you.”
Dexter: “And if that happens, I’ll handle it.”

Hannah mentioned Argentina in this episode. Now, there’s a spoiler for an upcoming story with her I bet and she’s helping Miami Metro find the bodies of Wayne’s other victims.

Dexter: “You look a little lost.”
Hannah: “Well, I haven’t been inside a police station in fifteen years. Still smells the same, like fast food and sweat.”

Masuka (re Alex): “We’ve got a white Russian on ice.”
Quinn: “Very funny.”
Masuka: “I’ll have you know I have a major following on Twitter.”

Angel seems to be the only more affected by Mike’s death than anyone else and he saw through the cover up with Alex as well.

Dexter: “It’s time for everyone to move on. Goodbye friends.”

Chronology: From where “Buck The System” left off.

Easily the best episode of the season. “Run” felt like a return to form for the show and it’s nice that the plotlines with Isaak, Hannah and the Dexter/Deb dynamic are all providing some interesting story moments throughout.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Oh yes! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Nice review.

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Thanks, glad you liked it.