Saturday, October 20, 2012

Misfits - Series 4 Airdate Confirmed

Yes, the fourth series of Misfits is finally back on E4 in little more than eight days time and it's definitely all change for the cast with only Joe Gilgun and Nathan Stewart Jarrett being the only non new regulars as both Rudy (x2) and Curtis will be in the fourth series along with newbies, such as telekinesis fella, Finn (Nathan McMullen) and X-Ray vision girl, Jess (Karla Crome).

As for the handsome fella in the cast picture not wearing an orange jumpsuit - well, his name is Alex (Matt Stokoe), he's a barmaid and there's a love triangle of sorts between him, Jess and Finn. Also, according to an interview with SFX magazine with the new cast, we'll learn about Alex's powers and the reasons for his standoffish behaviour throughout the eight part season and this will be a season that also deals with the horsemen of the apocalypse and killer rabbits.

Meanwhile, fresh from his roles in the likes of Being Human and Monroe, Andrew Gower will also be appearing in the series fourth year. According to producer, Matt Stevens, Gower will appear in the fourth episode, playing a character named Jake. No further details have been given about the character but it's nice to see Gower crop up in this show, given how brilliant he was as Cutler this year.

Series 4 Trailer:
Cast Pictures:

Misfits Series 4 airs on E4, Sundays at 10pm from October 28th.

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