Monday, October 01, 2012

Amy & Rory's Top 10 Episodes

Now that The Angels Take Manhattan has aired, here are my 10 favourite episodes featuring Amy and Rory.

1: The Eleventh Hour

The debut of both Amy Pond and Rory Williams and not only was this the best debut for the 11th Doctor but also the best for these two companions. Both made a wonderful first impression and the ending where it was revealed that Amy was due to marry Rory on June 26th 2010 was an excellent ending moment.

2: The Angels Take Manhattan

It's only just aired but the Ponds last episode certainly made an impact. Moffat may have had his cake and eat it moment with the way Amy and Rory are taken out by a surviving Weeping Angel. Some excellent acting from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, these two will seriously be missed.

3: The Girl Who Waited

Words cannot describe how much I adore this episode. The ultimatum story for Amy/Rory and ultimately, a love letter between the characters. A masterclass acting piece from Gillan and Darvill and a beautiful script from Tom MacRae. Plus, two Amys does actually work as well in this episode.

4: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

Amy and Rory's first finale involved the former having to remember the latter, the latter being an Auton and killing the former (and then waiting nearly 2000 years for her) while the former would then have to remember her own family, the Doctor and everything else back into existence. And they got married and resumed traveling with the Doctor. All in a matter of two episodes for these two.

5: The Power Of Three

The penultimate story for the Ponds and a great exploration on how Amy and Rory get on with their lives (if Pond Life wasn't enough for you) when they aren't traveling with the Doctor. Plus, we had the Doctor live with them for nearly a year with the slowest of Earth invasion and the duality the Ponds have between their real lives and Doctor life was nicely done.

6: A Good Man Goes To War

Not the most happy of episodes for Amy and Rory, considering that Madame Kovarian would success in stealing their baby but the tenderness between them in this one was a joy to watch and I did like the end reveal for them in relation to their child's future. Though it does seem obvious in retrospect.

7: The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon

An excellent two part opener for Series 6 and the starter of Amy's pregnancy plot but also a crucial episode in emphasising once again how much Amy loves Rory (even if she does give him some unflattering monikers) and certainly how much Rory loves her, given that gorgeous speech about always finding her.

8: Amy's Choice

One of the most underrated episodes in the Moffat era so far but another favourite of mine. Yes, the Dream Lord certainly tried to make Rory feel like a gooseberry in this episode but if a dream death of Rory's can prompt a strong response from Amy, then we certainly know how much he really does mean to her.

9: Asylum Of The Daleks

I'm the first to admit that perhaps Amy/Rory's marital problems/inability to have children probably should've been handled better in this episode but once again, Gillan and Darvill truly delivered with the dialogue and I was glad both Amy and Rory made up in the end.

10: The Wedding Of River Song

Another underrated episode but I loved this one for Amy and Rory being all bad ass and helping to stop the Doctor dying, even if in the end, they allowed him to do so. Great moments between the pair of them, especially with the Doctor pushing them together before Amy saved Rory from being Silenced forever.

Now those are my favourite episodes of the Ponds. What are yours and what are you hoping for Clara when she makes her debut at Christmas?

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