Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saorview - Have You Switched Over?

For the last several months, RTE (mostly, thought TV3 and TG4 have also) have been doing their bit to remind people to switch over to the new way of viewing of television with the arrival of Saorview, the digital alternative, given that the auld analog was being switched off.

Well, it happened three days ago and to be honest, all Saorview offers are the basic Irish channels and a few not very good digital and radio ones too but as an Irish person who rarely actually watches the Irish channels at times (though I do like shows like The Republic Of Telly, Love/Hate, etc), I don't really think Saorview is worth that much to be honest.

Sure, a few months ago, my Dad got it for the sitting room but in the kitchen, we have the combi box, which actually has all the stuff Saorview offers, along with some of the UK digital channels, making the latter a more tempting proposition and of course, it means we're not looking at a fuzzy screen as many who haven't made the switch probably are.

So yes, my family and I have switched over (long before October 24th) but after inspecting both options, perhaps Saorview is something that offers too little but costs too much, especially for the more cash strapped of people.

What do you think of the switch over, Irish viewers?

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