Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being Human - Series 5 Details From SFX

There's only a few weeks left of filming for the fifth series but it seems that SFX have got some interesting spoilers for Being Human.

- First of all, writer wise, Toby Whithouse will be writing 5x01 and 5x06, Daragh Carville will be penning 5x02, Jamie Mathieson will be scribing 5x03, John Jackson's written 5x04 and Sarah Dollard has scribed 5x05.
- The Old Ones are officially done with. There'll be something in the first episode that puts that arc to rest.
- This series will be about the Men In Grey and Captain Hatch (Phil Davis).
- No details revealed about Hal, Alex and Tom surprisingly enough in the interview.

- Phil Davis's Captain Hatch will be in all six episodes of Series 5 and he really is a nasty piece of work or described by Whithouse - "manipulative, obsequious and cruel".
- Mr Rook is also a major player throughout the fifth series as well.
- Episodes 2-5 will have the usual array of guest characters, though no actors were mentioned but knowing this show's penchant for good casting, we can only imagine.
- Despite the episode reduction, Whithouse has insisted that the show's balance between a series arc and stories of the week hasn't been affected.

Being Human's fifth series will air on BBC3 from early 2013.

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