Monday, October 22, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 2x04: "Intuition"

Written by Dan Dworkin And Jay Beattie
Directed by Randy Zisk

Victoria: “Your mother tried to kill you.”
Amanda: “That’s a lie.”
Victoria: “I wish it was and no matter how much hatred you harbour towards me, it’s the absolute truth.”

It’s amazing that even when Victoria is telling the truth (or thinks she’s doing so) that she can be a colossal in doing so but even I wasn’t expecting for things to end up with Amanda falling over the top of the stairs and landing into a coma. As lows go, Victoria really did stoop to a new one here.

I do realise that Victoria didn’t actually push Amanda over the banister herself but she seemed more preoccupied with getting her maid to clean up the blood than for Amanda’s well being and that’s not taking into account that Emily had pushed Amanda into confronting Victoria about visiting Kara under a false name.

I’ve had a lot of sympathy for Amanda this season and this episode even more so because apart from Charlotte, no-one has had her best interests at heart. Jack was horribly cold towards her, Emily was using her to get information on her mother and Victoria was her usually unpleasant self towards Amanda as well.

Also it was Amanda who pointed out to Emily that her actions were ruining people’s lives and because of it, both Amanda and her just born son seem to be hanging in the balance because of this. While I’m glad that Emily showed some actual guilt over Amanda’s accident, this really does need to serve as a wakeup call in relation to her agenda.

Emily’s becoming somewhat reckless with her pursuit of vengeance and both Amanda and Aiden tried to point it out to her this week and she didn’t listen to either of them. Amanda’s accident aside, there’s also the fact that Kara really is back within proximity as well and Emily really is going to have to be careful for what she wished for.

I am actually a little impressed with how quickly Kara has been brought into the fold. Last week we saw her alive and this week, she was able to subdue Aiden and realise that he was spinning her a line before going to the hospital and seeing Amanda in a coma. Also judging by the trailers for the next episode, it also looks like both Kara and Victoria will be interacting with each other pretty soon as well.

Keeping with the interactions, I get that there seems to be some form of discontent with the Nolan/Emily ones this season as well. Some fans think he’s being phased out in favour of Aiden but me personally, I think it’s nice that we’re seeing more proof that Nolan exists beyond Emily and has his own shit to deal with as well.

The struggles with NolCorp might not be the most riveting of plots but that company is a fundamental part of who Nolan happens to be as a person and the fact that it took just one person to believe in his abilities. The subplot with his father’s death and going through some possessions with Padma was actually a lot better than people are giving it credit for.

I actually liked Padma more in this episode than the previous two but it kind of seems now that we’re supposed to find her interest in Nolan somewhat suspect given that she’s taken an interest in a framed cheque from David Clarke. I really don’t want Padma to be a baddie but given how conspiracy heavy the show has become all of a sudden, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that she might be as trustworthy as she lets on.

Speaking of trustworthy, it’s amazing how a few choice words from Daniel was enough to give Ashley a personality and backbone and rebel against Conrad. Even though Conrad can see through Daniel’s little act, I do like the fact that Daniel is smart enough to keep it up nonetheless. Both Daniel and Charlotte have become stronger characters so far this season. I only hope that stays for the remainder of it.

Also in “Intuition”

Was Kara really attempting to drown Amanda in the flashback scenes? Watching them again, they do look kind of dubious. Plus, she’s married Gordon – I guess I should’ve seen that coming.

Aiden (re Kara): “Think Emily. This woman has the power to destroy everything you came here to do.”

I really liked the more matey banter with Emily and Nolan in this episode, with her teasing him about Padma. She really is becoming a friend this season with him.

Amanda (to Emily, re Victoria): “Looks like you hooked your fish.”

Padma (re Edward Ross): “Why didn’t you tell me he died?”
Nolan: “Because this is the first time I’m hearing of it.”

Padma admitted that she didn’t head home to see a dying relative before her job at NolCorp. Also, why are there six months worth of mail at that company?

Victoria: “Then pray, what do you want?”
Amanda: “I want to know about my mother.”

Daniel: “My parents, they’ve destroyed people. You can’t imagine what they’re capable of.”
Ashley: “I have a pretty good imagination. You can trust me.”

Daniel told Ashley a lot of damaging information about Victoria and Conrad and Victoria tried to bribe Amanda with $100,000 for the journals from last week.

Mystery Woman (to Conrad): “You always have a choice. It’s whether or not you’re able to live with your choices, that’s the question.”

Victoria: “I didn’t take Amanda for a god fearing woman.”
Emily: “She doesn’t fear much.”
Victoria: “Certainly not tardiness.”

It looks like Trey and Kenny are trying to scam Jack and Declan out of the Stowaway if their scenes are anything to go by.

Nolan (re kiss): “Can we try that again?”
Padma: “I think we should.”

Standout music: Azure Ray’s “The Heart Has It’s Reasons”.

Emily: “Too often we become distracted by fear, doubt, our own stubborn hopes and we refuse to listen.”

Chronology: From where “Confidence” left off.

An excellent episode – “Intuition” definitely seemed to push things forward at an interesting pace and while I’m not sure of the whole Initiative plotline, I do like the prominence of Kara within the series and the expansion of Nolan’s personal life. Overall, works for me.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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